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STATE FARM: The State Farm cov­er­ing an area of some 25ha was set up in Biggen­den in 1898. Th­ese two si­los were ex­per­i­men­tally con­structed. One was never fully com­pleted. Man­ager was Henry Tar­dent, an agri­cul­tural sci­en­tist who also pre­pared the land fol­low­ing his prac­tice of deep plough­ing, fre­quent cul­ti­va­tion and the keep­ing of bees. Although his first three years were ad­verse his re­ports cover an amaz­ing num­ber of va­ri­eties of grapes, maize, cow­peas, pump­kins, wheat, bar­leys, sorghums, mil­lets, grasses, toma­toes, egg­plants, pota­toes, sweet pota­toes, beans, peas, car­rots etc. There was also man­gle-wurzels, peanuts, as­para­gus, ar­ti­chokes, ar­row­root, pineap­ples, sug­ar­cane and fruit trees.

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