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Across 5/8 Who said “Money can’t buy you hap­pi­ness but it does bring you a more pleas­ant form of mis­ery”? (5,8) 9 Used in com­put­ing, what num­ber sys­tem has a base of 8? (5) 10 Us­ing lin­seed oil, pig­ments, rosin and pine flour, what did Fred­er­ick Wal­ton in­vent in 1860? (8) 11 What is the cap­i­tal of Be­larus? (5) 14 What drilling tool is held in a brace? (3) 16 Which short-lived repub­lic broke away from Nige­ria 1967 to 1970? (6) 17 What is anti-air­craft fire also called? (3-3) 18 What is the ab­bre­vi­a­tion for trini­tro­toluene? (1,1,1) 20 Formed in 1791, what was the Ber­lin SingAkademie? (5) 24 In what or­na­men­tal needle­work are pieces of fab­ric at­tached to another? (8) 25 What is a promon­tory more com­monly called? (5) 26 What is used for sharp­en­ing a writ­ing quill? (8) 27 Which Chicago tower was the world’s tallest build­ing from 1973 to 1996? (5)

Down 1 What is a young salmon? (5) 2 What, strik­ing on steel, pro­duced an ig­nit­ing spark in early guns? (5) 3 Which or­ches­tral in­stru­ment is tuned an oc­tave above the cello? (5) 4 Which lively 1960s dance shares a name with a Cen­tral-African peo­ple? (6) 6 What Ja­panese form of pin­ball is en­joyed in noisy par­lours there? (8) 7 What bag is car­ried on a sol­dier’s or hiker’s back? (8) 12/13 Who won a Bafta in 1990 for her role in the film Dan­ger­ous Li­aisons? (8,8) 14 What type of crea­ture is a sero­tine? (3) 15 What is to make an in­tri­cate type of looped cot­ton lace us­ing a hand shut­tle? (3) 19 Which Scot­tish math­e­ma­ti­cian (John ___) in­vented log­a­rithms? (6) 21 What is the flat blade­like pro­jec­tion at the end of the arm of an an­chor? (5) 22 Reach­ing a length of 18m or more, what is the world’s largest in­ver­te­brate? (5) 23 How many eclipses, lu­nar and so­lar, are pos­si­ble in a sin­gle year? (5)

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