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EX­TREME tem­per­a­tures and the con­tin­ued dry spell has seen cat­tle num­bers rise to 1010 head for Monto’s Fort­nightly Prime and Store cat­tle sale on Wed­nes­day, Fe­bru­ary 1. Buyer sup­port was strong de­spite the con­di­tions. Heavy bulls sold from 251c to 270c/kg. Good heavy bul­locks were in limited sup­ply how­ever Cameron Goodys’ 620kg char­bray bul­locks re­turned $1860 or $3/kg. Kevin and Doris Goody sold 523kg drought­mas­ter cross heifers for 291c/kg or $1525, while Son Kurt Goody’s char­bray heifers re­turned $1605. WJ and JL Cook sold brah­man cross trade heifers for 304c/kg or $1218. S and P Leahy sold santa cows 553kgs for 253c/kg or $1400. Roy Mar­bach’s brah­man cows 510kgs re­turned $1265 or 284c/kg. J,F & C Younger penned grey brah­man cows 504kgs which made 247c/kg or $1247. Dale Brown and Fam­ily sold drought­mas­ter charo­lais cross No 6 steers 410kgs for 341c/kg or $1400. S and P Leahy sold santa No 5 steers for $1756 or 323c/kg. Kev Wy­atte’s Braford cross No 6 steers sold for 335c/kg or $1287. Gal­loway Pas­toral penned Braford steers 350kgs to re­alise $1170 or 335c/kg. Qld Pas­toral’s bran­gus cross steers 276kgs sold for 368c/kg or $1015. P and N Jamieson sold drought­mas­ter char­bray cross No 6 steers for 365c/kg or $1084. Ashen­hurst Part­ner­ship sold brah­man cross steers 255kgs for 383c/kg or $978. BJ and CE Kennedy sold 290kg bran­gus cross steers for 360c/kg or $1045. Wright Bros sold drought­mas­ter weaner steers for $760 or 390c/kg. Paul and Mia Fran­cis sold qual­ity drought­mas­ter heifers 355kgs for $1177 or 331c/kg. Alan and Lor­raine Muller sold drought­mas­ter cross heifers 367kgs for $1212 or 330c/kg. Dale Brown and fam­ily sold drought­mas­ter charo­lais cross No 6 heifers 312kgs for 339c/kg or $1058. BC, J and PL Pow­nall, Boyne Val­ley penned brah­man cross heifers 324kgs to re­turn $1029 or 317c/kg. WT Ariens sold brah­man cross heifers 264kgs or $850. Shayne and He­len Moss­man, Ubobo con­signed brah­man heifers 258kgs and sold to 334c/kg or $860. Wright Broth­ers sold drought­mas­ter weaner heifers for 355c/kg or $778. Tony Eden’s brah­man cross weaner heifers sold for 349c/kg or $673. P and A Kirk­wood sold Braford heifers 212kgs for 349c/kg or $742.TG and JA Sper­ling, Than­g­ool sold an­gus Mur­ray Grey cows and calves for $1350.Monto’s next sale will be held on Wed­nes­day Fe­bru­ary 15 at 9am.


QUAL­ITY lines of cat­tle were on of­fer on Wed­nes­day, Fe­bru­ary 1 at the Eidsvold yards pro­duc­ing solid re­sults. Steers un­der 200kg topped at 409c/kg and av­er­aged 375c/kg. Steers 200-300kg. made 403c/kg and av­er­aged 386c/kg. Steers 300-400kg. sold for 357c/kg and av­er­aged 342c/kg. Heifers un­der 200kg topped at 339c/kg and av­er­aged 328c/kg. Heifers 200-300kg made 331c/kg and av­er­aged 324c/kg. Heifers 300-400kg sold to 333c/kg and av­er­aged 321c/kg. R& V Horn of­fered char­bray x 196kg Steers, sell­ing for 409c to re­turn $804. P Leifels sold 175kg bran­gus x Steers for 343c to re­turn $600 R& V Horn also of­fered 227kg char­bray x Steers reach­ing 403c to re­turn $915. P Hartwig pre­sented a line of 202kg drought­mas­ter x Steers for 389c re­turn­ing $789. R& D Mitchell sold 247kg drought­mas­ter Steers for 377c to re­turn $933. A,A & J Horn sold 340kg here­ford x Steers sell­ing for 357c to re­turn $1214. R& M Dunn sold brah­man x Steers for 323c for 462kg to re­turn $1494. M, C Mur­ray & P Hartwig sold 183kg drought­mas­ter x Heifers for 339c to re­turn $623. B Albrecht sold 184kg char­bray x Heifers sell­ing for 332c and re­turn­ing $610. M& T Harm pre­sented a line of Cross­bred Heifers weigh­ing 207kg sell­ing for 331c to re­turn $686. M& K Stan­ford of­fered 220kg brah­man x Heifers for 330c re­turn­ing $726. L Grono sold 260kg char­bray x Heifers for 326c re­turn­ing $848. Con­tin­u­ing to sell A,A & J Horn sold 340kg here­ford x Heifers for 333c re­turn­ing $1135. R& S Poin­ton sold santa x Heifers weigh­ing 396kg for 316c to re­turn $1254. brah­man x Cows & Calves sold for $1450 per unit. The next TopX North Bur­nett Eidsvold cat­tle sale is on Fe­bru­ary 15 with a 12.30pm start.


BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale held on Mon­day, Fe­bru­ary 6 had a larger yarding of 1909 head. The meat­works sec­tion had bul­locks and cows sell to a firm to dearer mar­ket. Store cat­tle sold to firm rates. Bul­locks sold for a top 310c. Cows over 500kg topped at 258c. Cows 400kg to 500kg sold top­ping at 252c. Trade heifers over 400kg topped at 322c. Mooru Graz­ing, Tak­il­beran sold a line of drought­mas­ter bran­gus cross bul­locks from 306c-309c/$2026-$2031. BS&C Whi­taker, Eidsvold sold brah­man and char­bray bul­locks for 308c-315c/$1622-$1705. An­drew McCracken, Bund­aberg sold brah­man bul­locks for 306c/$1788. G Fichera, Bund­aberg sold char­bray cows for 256c/$2011. BS&C Whi­taker, Eidsvold sold brah­man cows for 251c/$1544. A&A Trig­ger Graz­ing Trust, Biggen­den sold brah­man cows for 253c/$1334. Feeder steers 400kg to 500kg yarded sold to a top of 350c. Steers 300kg to 400kg also sold to 352c. D&A Black, Bund­aberg sold two tooth santa steers for 346c/$1736. N&L Gille­spie, Her­vey Bay sold milk tooth drought­mas­ter steers for 339c/$1266. AG&MF Isler, Theodore sold milk tooth santa cross steers for 350c/$1414. Cir­cle K Trust, Monto sold milk tooth char­bray steers for 367c/$1096. Steers 200kg to 300kg sold to 381c. Robert Won­drock, Bar­gara sold charo­lais weaner steers for 381c/$1026. Paul Hof­stet­ter, Good­night Scrub sold char­bray weaner steers for 364c/$952. Heifers 300kg to 400kg sold top­ping at 335c. GD&MD Cum­ner, Gayn­dah sold milk tooth drought­mas­ter cross heifers for 330c/$1023. G&D Everett, Childers sold an­gus cross milk tooth heifers for 332c/$996. K&J Thomp­son, Childers sold milk tooth drought­mas­ter heifers for 332c/$979. Heifers 200kg to 300kg topped at 348c. Gary Tay­lor, Gayn­dah sold bran­gus weaner heifers for 347c/$868. BRC Live­stock, Bund­aberg sold bran­gus weaner heifers for 347c/$920. V&J Suter, Booyal sold drought­mas­ter weaner heifers for 345c/$724. WM&LR Pow­ell, Coal­stoun Lakes sold santa cross cow and calves for $1800/unit. Cat­tle were drawn from Theodore, Gympie, Tansey, Goomeri, Mur­gon, Monto, Tiaro, Bau­ple, Eidsvold, Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry, Gayn­dah, Mary­bor­ough, Her­vey Bay, Childers, Bund­aberg, South Kolan, Bucca, Rosedale, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin, Booyal and all lo­cal ar­eas. The All Breeds Steer Sale will be on Thurs­day, Fe­bru­ary 16 and the next meat­works and store sale will be on Mon­day, Fe­bru­ary 20.


The pro­longed hot & dry weather con­di­tions be­ing ex­pe­ri­enced through parts of the Bur­nett were a con­trib­u­tor to num­bers grow­ing to 1000 at Mur­gon’s sale on Tues­day. The mar­ket was sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous sale with most sell­ing to strong val­ues. Cat­tle were con­signed from Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mt Perry, Coringa, Kilki­van, Kingaroy, Nanango & lo­cally. Ex­port Bul­locks sold to $1890.00 at $3.12 c/kg. Heavy Ex­port Heifers sold to $2.84 c/kg and $1560.00. Cows over 500 kg topped at $2.63 c/kg for a $2.51 av­er­age. Medium weight Cows 400 – 500 kg av­er­aged $2.35 c/kg sell­ing to $2.42 c/kg. Cows un­der 400 kg topped at $2.19 c/kg. 400 kg Sim­men­tal cross steers a/c S& E Gschei­dle Wooroon­den sold to $3.58 c/kg for $1431.00. B& J Hansen Pros­ton sold An­gus cross steers 425 kg for $1484.00 and $3.49 c/kg. 414 kg Charo­lais cross steers from K& M Arm­strong Manyung sold to $3.48 c/kg to re­turn $1443.00. A line of 30 425 kg Drought­mas­ter cross steers ex Merl­wood en­ter­prises Mur­gon sold for an av­er­age of $1406.00 at $3.30 c/kg. A& K Chalk Manyung sold 385 kg Santa steers for $1366.00 at $3.54 c/kg and Char­bray steers weigh­ing 355 kg for $1239.00 at $3.49 c/kg. 305 kg Braford cross steers from Mt Perry sold for $1083.00 at $3.55 c/kg. Charo­lais cross weaner steers form A& R Barsby Tansey sold for $1100.00 and $3.72 c/kg. 303 kg Santa weaner steers from G& T Camp­bell Coringa sold for $1092.00 and $3.60 c/kg. They also sold 242 kg steers for $3.54 c/kg and $860.00. J& M Zill­man Gayn­dah sold 2 pens of Santa weaner steers for $3.54 c/kg re­turn­ing $934.00 & $836.00. 235 kg Braford cross weaner steers from P& A Din­gle sold to $818.00 at $3.47 c/kg. An­gus cross weaner steers from PM Fam­ily Trust Bri­gooda sold to $3.45 c/kg for $761.00. Drought­mas­ter Heifers from Der­mark Pty Ltd Gayn­dah sold for $1420.00 at $2.74 c/kg. N& L Pearce Tansey sold 400 kg Char­bray Heifers for $1238.00 at $3.07 c/kg. 435 kg An­gus cross Heifers from Pros­ton sold to $1336.00 at $3.07 c/kg. 386 kg Drought­mas­ter Heifers from D Vine Hivesville sold to $3.30 c/kg for $1276.00. Sim­men­tal cross Heifers from Wooroon­den sold for $1219.00 and $3.28 c/kg. Two pens of Santa cross heifers from Sharp Pas­toral Gayn­dah sold for $2.94 c/kg for $166.00 and 362 kg. An­gus cross weaner heifers a/c Banksia Hay Mur­gon sold for $855.00 and $3.49 c/kg. 247 kg Drought­mas­ter heifers from Roth Ru­ral En­ter­prises Gayn­dah sold for $833.00 and $3.37 c/kg. Most bet­ter fresher weaner heifers sold from $3.20 to $3.40 c/kg. Brah­man cross Cows & Calves sold to $1140.00.


SOLD: Dale Brown and Fam­ily sold qual­ity drought­mas­ter charo­lais cross no 6 steers 410kg for 341c/kg or $1400 to Smith­field Cat­tle Co at Monto’s Prime and Store sale.

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