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TOOLS: Brush­less ham­mer drill Bar clamp Claw ham­mer Black marker Step lad­der Spirit level Safety glasses Ear muffs Half face twin res­pi­ra­tor Cord­less com­pact drill driver – skin

MA­TE­RI­ALS: 15x450mm gal­vanised pipe 15mm gal­vanised flange Small butcher’s hook 6mm drill bit 8x65mm nut bolt White spray paint Pot­ting mix Gal­vanised bucket All tools and ma­te­ri­als are avail­able at Bun­nings.

Step 1: Mea­sure and mark the de­sired heights for your two pipe rails. Make sure you leave enough dis­tance be­tween the bot­tom pipe and the win­dow frame for the hang­ing herb bucket to fit. Hold the flanges in place on the bricks and mark drill points with a sharpie. Drill holes into your wall for the flanges us­ing the ham­mer drill with a 6mm­ma­sonry bit. Step 2: Mea­sure the width of your win­dow and de­ter­mine the length of the pipe re­quired to make the hanger.

Con­nect two pieces of pipe to­gether with the two-way con­nec­tor. Re­peat this to make the sec­ond hanger. Mark on the pipe the width of the win­dow. Clamp the pipe to the work bench and use the hack­saw to cut the pipes to length.

Step 3: Slide the flanges into each end of the gal­vanised pipe. Line the flange with the holes drilled in thewall. Tap in the ma­sonry bolts with your ham­mer and se­cure them with the drill.

Step 4: Choose aw­ide va­ri­ety of herbs that you like to cook with and that are in sea­son. Re­move them from their con­tain­ers and place them in the buck­ets. Top up with a good qual­ity pot­ting mix, then wa­ter and fer­tilise. Hang your buck­ets on the gal­vanised pipe with the butcher’s hooks. Make sure they are evenly spaced and re­mem­ber to wa­ter reg­u­larly.

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