Foot­steps liven up stu­dents’ ev­ery­day rou­tine

Chil­dren meet for some ex­cit­ing learn­ing ac­tiv­i­ties

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FOOT­STEPS re­turned to Mulgildie State School this year, this time with the stu­dents joined by their peers from Aber­corn State School.

The Foot­steps pro­gram is a series of games and sports ac­tiv­i­ties de­signed to aid per­sonal de­vel­op­ment in stu­dents.

Mulgildie State School had taken part in the pro­gram two years be­fore, us­ing money from the Ru­ral and Re­mote Ed­u­ca­tion Ac­cess Pro­gram fund.

Prin­ci­pal Kelly Low said af­ter the suc­cess of the pre­vi­ous one, they de­cided to do it again and get Aber­corn in­volved.

“We just thought Aber­corn had a small amount of kids this year and we had the op­por­tu­nity to pay for up to 50 kids, so we could add the 15 from Aber­corn to our 32 and get them all to­gether,” Mrs Low said.

On Thurs­day morn­ing, stu­dents were given tasks that forced them to learn to adapt to change.

The sim­ple game of get­ting a bal­loon from one end of the ten­nis court to the other was in­ten­si­fied by Foot­steps pre­sen­ter Jes­sica Lim­mer’s con­stant chang­ing in­struc­tions: “Keep it in the air, bal­ance it be­tween your feet, pass it back and forth.”

Later Mrs Lim­mer se­lected two boys, Dustin Goody and Beau Gal­loway, to shout out in­struc­tions at will, adding to the chaos.

“The idea is it’s a fun sce­nario where they have to quickly adapt to the game,” she said.

“At the end we sit them all down and go through some analo­gies about hav­ing to adapt to change in real life.”

The game of putting ev­ery­one into pairs and get­ting one per­son to close their eyes while the other changed their ap­pear­ance and hav­ing to guess what was dif­fer­ent fell un­der sim­i­lar prin­ci­ples.

Aber­corn prin­ci­pal Kellie Smith said chil­dren in ru­ral ar­eas didn’t get to do as many ac­tiv­i­ties like this.

“It’s some­thing ex­cit­ing and also good for their emo­tional well-be­ing and good sports­man­ship,” she said.


UP AND AWAY: Jes­sica Lim­mer in­structs the stu­dents from Mulgildie and Aber­corn State Schools.

Dustin Goody and Beau Gal­loway are ap­pointed Jes­sica’s helpers.

Hay­den Gal­loway gets a bal­loon from one end to the other with­out his hands.

Danika Smith and Riley Poin­ton, from Aber­corn.

The chil­dren line up in groups, ready to start.

Jemma Grubb does some drib­bles with the bal­loon while try­ing to get it across the court.

Riley Blue tries to guess changes to Archie Poin­ton's ap­pear­ance.

Beau Gal­loway.

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