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A SNAKE ex­pert has said peo­ple can ex­pect to see more snakes as the hot weather con­tin­ues.

Bryan Fry, from the Univer­sity of Queens­land, said as long as prey was out, there would be more snakes.

“With the storm ac­tiv­ity, that is bring­ing out the prey,” Dr Fry said.

“When the prey is out, the preda­tor is out,” he said.

Dr Fry said places such as garages might seem like ran­dom places to find a snake, but “when you look at it from where prey is, it’s not”.

“Look­ing at likely spots, in the house around the nesty bits, clut­tered garages, long grass, a cou­ple of cars in the front yard – that’s clas­sic habitat for the prey, mak­ing it great for snakes,” he said.

“Keep­ing the yard and house clean, you’re go­ing to have less of a prob­lem with snakes.

Dr Fry said snakes were not in­ten­tion­ally a threat to hu­mans.

“No snake is go­ing to race across the gar­den a bite a hu­man, they don’t see us prey, we are a preda­tor to them,” he said.

“A lot of peo­ple bit­ten by snakes bring it on them­selves, it’s the mi­nor­ity of the bites where a per­son steps on one.

“Most bites oc­cur when peo­ple do the wrong thing.

“If peo­ple leave the snake alone it will glide away and you’ll never see it again.”

He said peo­ple would see fewer snakes as the weather cooled.

“They take refuge in cracks in the earth, un­der stones, places where they can stay warm,” he said.

Kingaroy snake catcher Gunter Glasser said he had been busier than usual.

“I get called about a brown snake once a week,” Mr Glasser said.

“One day I had four calls,” he said.

Mr Glasser said he had found snakes in strange places, in­clud­ing a baby brown snake in­side a house.

“The doors were tight, but there was a gap un­der the door from the garage into the house,” he said.

Mr Glasser shared a photo of the snake which had now been shared on Face­book more than 600 times.

“The re­ac­tion has been amaz­ing,” he said.

“Peo­ple have com­mented on me hav­ing it in my hand.

“I han­dle ven­omous snakes, I know what I’m do­ing.”

SUR­PRISE VIS­I­TOR: Snake catcher Gunter Glasser shared this photo to Face­book of a baby brown snake.

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