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TOOLS: Rig­ger’s gloves Safety glasses Ear­muffs 13mm corded im­pact drill Ma­sonry drill bit set 18V cord­less im­pact driver 15-piece ma­sonry drill bit set Im­pact driver kit medium car­pen­ter’s pen­cil MA­TE­RI­ALS: Bike hook jumbo screw-in garage bike hook All tools and ma­te­ri­als avail­able at Bun­nings.

Step 1: Mark up and drill holes for your bracket:

Choose a sec­tion of the wall that will be easy to get your bike in and out of. Hold the bracket on the wall so that it’s level, then mark up and drill your holes. If you are drilling into a brick wall, use a ham­mer drill. Make sure you drill into the bricks them­selves rather than the mor­tar. If you are mount­ing on plas­ter­board or tim­ber, drill into the wall studs so it can with­stand the bi­cy­cle’s weight.

Step 2: Mount the bracket on the wall:

Push some spaghetti wall an­chors the whole way into each of your holes, trim­ming them off with a sharp knife or chisel. Screw the bracket to the wall. Be­fore you fully tighten the screws, make sure that the bracket is level. Once the screws are tightly in place, pull down on the bracket to make sure it’s se­cure, then hang your bi­cy­cle.

Step 3: Hang your bike from the ceil­ing:

It’s pos­si­ble to hang lighter bikes from the ceil­ing. Choose an area that’s out of the way but will be easy to get your bike in and out of. Drill a hole in the ceil­ing joist or rafter then screw the hook into place. Make sure that your drill bit is slightly smaller than the thread of the bike hook so that the hook’s thread bites strongly into the tim­ber.

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