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Across 6 Which river flows through Peru, Colom­bia, and Brazil? (6)

7 Coins and what else might in­ter­est a nu­mis­ma­tist? (6)

10 What is the high­est rank a naval of­fi­cer can reach? (7)

11 What small ham­mer is used by an auc­tion­eer? (5)

12 Which coun­try is bor­dered by Ar­me­nia, Azer­bai­jan, Turk­menistan, Afghanistan, Pak­istan, Iraq and Turkey? (4)

13 Which bone is the body’s long­est? (5)

16 What light tri­an­gu­lar women’s shawl is draped over the shoul­ders and fas­tened in front? (5) 17 Which team sport has the largest play­ing field? (4)

20 Coarc­ta­tion is the con­gen­i­tal nar­row­ing of which blood ves­sel? (5)

21 What name for a fox can be found in tales as far back as the 12th cen­tury? (7)

22 In a rugby team, what num­ber does the left wing wear? (6)

23 Five-spice pow­der typ­i­cally con­tains cin­na­mon, cloves, star anise, pep­per­corns and what? (6)


1 “Se­cret Love”, sung by Doris Day, won an Os­car for which 1953 film? (8,4)

2 What is the main in­gre­di­ent of por­ridge? (7) 3 Which peo­ple, af­ter the Great Trek of 1835-37, set­tled in the Or­ange Free State in South Africa? (5)

4 Duf­fel, lend­ing its name to a cloth, bag and a coat, is a town in which coun­try? (7)

5 What colour was the first syn­thetic dye, de­vel­oped in 1856? (5)

8 Who wrote the book The Se­cret Life of Sal­vador Dali? (8,4)

9 What very long valve­less wooden wind in­stru­ment is used for sig­nalling in the Swiss Alps? (9)

14 From what slen­der mosque tower does a muezzin call Mus­lims to prayer? (7)

15 What is an ac­cu­mu­la­tion of earth and stones left by a glacier? (7)

18 Vin­cent van Gogh painted more than 200 can­vases in 15 months af­ter mov­ing to which town in south east France? (5)

19 In com­put­ing, what are groups of bi­nary dig­its op­er­ated on as a unit? (5)

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