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THE com­bi­na­tion of a small yard­ing last week and no sale next week, re­sulted in a yard­ing of 1194 head.

Grown cat­tle were well supplied, how­ever the largest in­crease was in the young cat­tle sec­tion.

The yard­ing of young cat­tle con­sisted of a large per­cent­age of veal­ers and light year­lings, there was also in­creased num­bers of calves through the sale.

Qual­ity was good, with sev­eral con­sign­ments of well bred vealer steers and heifers of­fered, as well as light year­lings.

A favourable oats sea­son is ex­pected, re­sult­ing in very keen de­mand from re­stock­ers to ac­quire steers and heifers.

Re­stocker vealer steers were 20c dearer, selling to a top of 444c to av­er­age 401c, while calves sold to a top of 450c/kg.

Re­stocker vealer heifers sold to a top of 402c to av­er­age 354c and trade vealer heifers topped at 338c/kg.

The few trade year­ling steers topped at 338c while medium weight feeder steers sold to 370c to av­er­age 347c/kg.

Feeder heifers av­er­aged 330c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle con­sisted of a good sup­ply of grown steers and cows, with sev­eral pens of well fin­ished 3 and 4 score steers sold, while there was some high yield­ing cows of­fered.

Bul­locks and steers met a strong mar­ket selling to a top of 305c to av­er­age 298c/kg.

Heifers topped at 317c/kg for younger types.

The cow mar­ket saw heavy weights strug­gle to hold firm in places, while 2 and 3 score cows were 2c/kg dearer.

Three score medium weight cows un­der 500kg av­er­aged 230c, and heavy cows sold to a top of 254c/kg.


A GOOD qual­ity yard­ing of 2054 cat­tle at Sul­li­van Live­stock Gympie cat­tle sale had the mar­ket dearer for all de­scrip­tions.

Cat­tle were drawn from Childers, Her­vey Bay, Mary­bor­ough, Ara­mara, Woolooga, Kilki­van, Tansey, Ke­nil­worth, Maleny, Eu­mundi and all lo­cal ar­eas.

Feeder steers topped at $3.37 for char­bray steers from G& R Henning, Cooroy, to re­turn $1671.

Charo­lais cross steers from Ben Bam­bling, Miva, made $3.37 or $1456.

Drought­mas­ter cross steers from Bill Greer, Im­bil, made $3.34 or $1446.

Drought­mas­ter steers from Bates Man­age­ment, Goom­bo­rian, sold for $3.34 ($1398), while their bran­gus broth­ers made $3.32 ($1324).

Howard and Brenda Kirby, Gemini Downs, sold a good qual­ity draft of drought­mas­ter steers selling for $3.37, $3.36 and $3.35 for an av­er­age re­turn of $1315.

Drought­mas­ter cross steers from PW and SJ Ilett, Childers, made $3.37 ($1226).

Li­mousin cross steers from Barry Hiron, Sex­ton, sold for $3.37 to re­turn $1202.

Santa steers from Greg McArthur, Kilki­van, sold for $3.58 ($1076).

There was a very good line-up of weaner steers, which met strong com­pe­ti­tion through­out.

Char­bray steers from Ma­ree Dun­combe, Conon­dale, made $4.00 ($1100).

Drought­mas­ter steers from John and Tracey Tinck­nell sold for $3.86 ($1171).

Li­mousin steers from Roz Bar­ron, Conon­dale, made $3.86 ($1076).

Drought­mas­ter steers from D and P Wip­pell, Mooloo, sold for $3.71 ($1128).

Dave and El­iz­a­beth Al­lomes, Miva Home­stead, sold a very good draft of drought­mas­ter steers for $3.83 ($1070), $4.06 ($963), $4.17 ($873), $4.00 ($698).

Drought­mas­ter steers from the Ar­mitage Fam­ily, Tansey, made $4.10 ($989).

Drought­mas­ter cross steers from BH and SO Por­tas, Woolooga, made $3.89 ($999 and $901).

Light char­bray steers from C and S Sweet, Cootharabra, made $4.33 ($608).

Light drought­mas­ter steers from Fea En­ter­prises, Mothar Moun­tain, made $4.40 ($566).

Digga Hold­ings, Gu­nalda, sold drought­mas­ter steers for $3.96 ($915 and $788).

Gen­er­ally bet­ter qual­ity lines of weaner steers sold for $3.70 to $4.15 with the next run selling from $3.30 to $3.72.

Light wean­ers sold from $3.60 to $4.40.

Brah­man heifers from Im­bil sold to a top of $3.27 to re­turn $1072 and $1050.

Char­bray cross heifers from Herb Perkins, Tiaro, made $3.01 ($956 and $929).

Char­bray cross heifers from B and A War­ren, Skyring Creek, sold for $3.03 ($1025).

Qual­ity char­bray weiner heifers from Ma­ree Dun­combe made $4.01 ($1025).

Char­bray heifers from J and S Heath, Cal­goa, made $3.49 ($878).

Ken­dall Park sold char­bray heifers for $3.50 ($810) and santa cross heifers from $3.58 ($858).

Digga Hold­ings sold char­bray heifers for $3.59 ($812).

Dave and El­iz­a­beth Al­lomes, Miva Home­stead, sold drought­mas­ter heifers for $3.58 ($825) and $3.60 ($701).

Good con­di­tioned vealer heifers gen­er­ally sold from $3.10 to $3.32.

Cows and calves were very limited in sup­ply and topped at $1600.


THERE was a yard­ing of 1069 head, which an in­crease of more than 300 head.

Young cat­tle made up the main in­crease in num­bers, al­though there were a few more grown cat­tle also.

The yard­ing of young cat­tle con­sisted mainly of veal­ers and light year­lings, along with a few pens of heavy cat­tle.

Qual­ity was good, with sev­eral runs of well bred steers and heifers that met strong com­pe­ti­tion from re­stock­ers and feeder buy­ers.

Re­stock­ers were very keen to ac­quire well bred light veal­ers and calves re­sult­ing in a strong mar­ket for both heifers and steers, also heav­ier vealer steers.

Re­stocker vealer steers sold to a top of 406c to 378c, and re­stocker calves sold to a top of 439c/kg.

Re­stocker vealer heifers sold to a top of 396c to av­er­age 357c and butcher vealer sold to 345c/kg.

Medium weight feeder steers reached a top of 378c for an av­er­age of 346c while re­stocker steers sold to 395/kg.

Feeder heifers met a stronger mar­ket selling to a top of 325c to av­er­age 320c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle was made up mainly of cows, along with a smaller pen­ning of grown steers and heifers.

Grown steers sold to 294c and heifers sold to 286c/kg.

The cow mar­ket im­proved by 5c to 13c with 3 score medium weights un­der 500kg av­er­ag­ing 236c and heavy cows sold to 257c/kg.

Bulls sold to a dearer mar­ket reach­ing a top of 298c/kg.


AGENTS Boyd Obrien Bartholomew re­ported a yard­ing of 517 head of cat­tle at More­ton on Tues­day.

Com­pe­ti­tion was very strong with all buy­ers in at­ten­dance and the mar­ket re­sponded ac­cord­ingly.

All val­ues lifted con­sid­er­ably with some lines 15-20c dearer.

S& P Turn­bull, Rose­wood, sold charo­lais x year­ling heifers for 328.2c/kg weigh­ing 241.7kg to re­turn $793.

S& P Turn­bull also sold charo­lais x year­ling steers for 376.2c/kg weigh­ing 233.8kg to re­turn $935.

Pas­ture heifers ac­count M &L Mcal­lis­ter sold for 324.2c/kg weigh­ing 410kg to re­turn $1329.

Charo­lais x feeder steers ac­count W& D Gnech sold for 338.2c/kg weigh­ing 482.5kg to re­turn $1631.

Boonah Live­stock Co sold pas­ture ox for 327.2c/kg weigh­ing 565kg to re­turn $1848.

Drought­mas­ter x feeder steers ac­count I& L Paroz sold for 340.2c/kg weigh­ing 438.2kg to re­turn $1490.

G Dowsett sold feeder heifers for 325.2c/kg weigh­ing 371.5kg to re­turn $1208.

D& M Heck sold limo x grain ac­cred­ited heifers for 343.2c/kg weigh­ing 420kg to re­turn $1441.

Sym­bol D sold grain as­sist heifers for 330.2c/kg weigh­ing 376.7kg to re­turn $1130.

Friesian dairy culls ac­count A& L An­stis sold for 239.2c/kg weigh­ing 760kg to re­turn $1818.

M Boyle sold medium cows for 254.2c/kg weigh­ing 780kg to re­turn $1983.

Brah­man x cows ac­count S &P Turn­bull sold for 258.2c/kg weigh­ing 597.5kg to re­turn 1543.

Stick­lin & Lau sold charo­lais bulls for 296.2c/kg weigh­ing 775kg to re­turn $2295.


THE yards were buzzing as buy­ers an­tic­i­pated the pos­si­ble pur­chase op­por­tu­nity with the huge yard­ing of 10,422 head at the

Roma Store sale to­day, the fi­nal sale prior to Easter.

All the usual buy­ers were present and op­er­at­ing.

Qual­ity was gen­er­ally av­er­age, with the ef­fects of the dry prior to the rain shown, as mul­ti­ple light calves were pre­sented to give breeders a clear start for win­ter.

Calves made to 462.2c to av­er­age 454c/kg.

Year­ling steers over 280kg made to 430.2c, to av­er­age 358c/kg.

Steers to the re­stock­ers in the 350kg to 400kg range made to 368.2c, to av­er­age 337c/kg.

Grown steers made to a top of 339c, to av­er­age 330c/kg.

Bulls un­der 400kg made to 442c, to av­er­age 333c/kg.

Good runs of well cov­ered cows to slaugh­ter made 263c, to av­er­age 245c/kg.


CON­SIGN­MENTS lifted with an in­creased sup­ply of grown cat­tle and cows. There was a large con­sign­ment of steers and heifers that had been walk­ing the lo­cal stock routes for some time. There were re­duced sup­plies of veal­ers and wean­ers with the an­nual weaner sales in full swing. The qual­ity and con­di­tion of the of­fer­ing was quite mixed. A full field of buy­ers were in at­ten­dance with de­mand from all sec­tors high.

Mar­ket trends through the young cat­tle were gen­er­ally firm to dearer with de­mand from re­stock­ers and feed­lot­ters re­main­ing high. There were odd classes that sold to a cheaper trend, while qual­ity was also a fac­tor in some cheaper prices. Weaner steers un­der 330kg sold to a cheaper trend with qual­ity a fac­tor. Heav­ier weights sold to a dearer trend with crop fin­ish­ers ac­tive.

Heifer wean­ers sold to a dearer trend, while veal­ers to process were up to 10c/kg dearer. Medium weight year­ling steers to re­stock and feed sold to a dearer trend, up to 10c/kg. Heavy feed­ers re­mained firm with some breed and qual­ity re­lated price change. Light weight year­ling heifers to re­stock un­der 280kg sold to a dearer trend while those be­tween 280kg and 400kg sold to a slightly cheaper trend. Qual­ity once again ac­counted for some price change.

The grown steers and heifers off “the road” at­tracted strong re­stocker and feed­lot com­pe­ti­tion to sell to a dearer trend tak­ing qual­ity and age into ac­count. The ma­jor­ity of the steers were des­tined to oats pad­docks for fin­ish­ing. The cow mar­ket was strong with the mar­ket trend 2c to 10c/kg dearer also tak­ing qual­ity and yield po­ten­tial in to ac­count.


THERE were 874 head yarded at the Roma Prime Sale last Thurs­day where the mar­ket con­tin­ues to be strong for the ven­dors. All buy­ers were present and op­er­at­ing and qual­ity was gen­er­ally good across the board.

Steers in the 350-400kg range topped at 327.2c to av­er­age 308c/kg.

Heav­ier steers to slaugh­ter made to 310c to av­er­age 293c/kg. Young heifers made to 258c to av­er­age 243c/kg. Grown heifers made to 286.2c to av­er­age 272c/kg.

Two score cows made to 216c/kg. Good heavy fat cows over 500kg topped at 269.2c to av­er­age 241.c/kg.

Bulls topped at 302.2c to av­er­age 267c/kg.

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