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Across 1 In ad­ver­tise­ments, which drink was claimed to build strong mus­cles, feed ex­hausted nerves and en­rich the blood? (8)

7 Which is­land in New York Har­bour was an im­mi­gra­tion cen­tre? (5)

8 What type of book lists words with their syn­onyms? (9)

9 What is mixed with cop­per to make bronze? (3) 10 What are un­so­licited bulk email messages? (4) 11 What conif­er­ous trees form forests in the Arc­tic Cir­cle? (6)

13 What Latin ex­pres­sion lit­er­ally means “way of op­er­at­ing”? (5,8)

15 Where is the Bran­den­burg Gate? (6)

16 What does an ichthy­ol­o­gist study? (4) 18 Which town in east­ern Bel­gium is a pop­u­lar re­sort known for its baths and min­eral springs? (3) 20 What is the treat­ment of the feet and their ail­ments? (9)

21 What suck­ered worm is used for blood­let­ting? (5) 22 What is an un­cas­trated male horse, es­pe­cially one used for breed­ing? (8) Down 1 Which Ger­manic peo­ple in­vaded parts of the Ro­man Em­pire from the 3rd to the 5th Cen­tury? (5) 2 Near which coun­try were the “Cod Wars” fought in the late 1950s? (7)

3 What tide oc­curs at the first or last quar­ter of the moon? (4)

4 What hob­by­ist col­lects old bond and share cer­tifi­cates? (13)

5 Sir James Gal­way gained fame play­ing what? (5) 6 What long high sea wave is caused by an earthquake? (7)

7 What is the wide part of a river where it nears the sea? (7)

12 What is the world’s largest bird? (7)

13 What dark, sweet for­ti­fied dessert wine is pro­duced in Si­cily in a town with the same name? (7)

14 Which city suf­fered from civil un­rest in the 1990s be­cause of op­po­si­tion to Kenyan Pres­i­dent Moi? (7) 15 What hard, ring-shaped bread roll is sim­mered be­fore bak­ing? (5)

17 Who com­posed his “Sur­prise” sym­phony in 1791? (5)

19 What is the loose hood of a monk’s habit? (4)

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