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1. Anzac Day will oc­cur on which day next week?

2. Politi­cians with lit­tle or no ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing out­side pol­i­tics are some­times re­ferred to as (a) brown bun (b) cream puff (c) white bread?

3. Which river forms most of the bor­der be­tween New South Wales and Victoria?

4. Last year, which US tennis star be­came en­gaged to Red­dit co-founder Alex Oha­nian?

5. The name of the tor­ture cham­ber in the Min­istry of Love in Ge­orge Or­well’s novel Nine­teen Eighty-Four was Room (a) 87 (b) 101 (c) 666?

6. In a world first in 2012, manda­tory plain-pack­ag­ing of to­bacco prod­ucts came into force in which coun­try?

7. Be­gin­ning with “p”, what is the eight-let­ter term for an in­flam­ma­tion of the mem­branes sur­round­ing the lungs?

8. “We have the chance to turn the pages over. We can write what we want to write,” are lyrics from which song?

9. Last year, which coun­try scored 450 in the fourth in­nings of a cricket Test against Aus­tralia?

10. “BoJo” is the nick­name of which se­nior Bri­tish politi­cian?

11. Name the only two cur­rent teams never to have played in a grand fi­nal since the in­tro­duc­tion of the NRL com­pe­ti­tion in 1998.

12. Donatello was a 14th-15th cen­tury Ital­ian (a) explorer (b) soldier (c) sculp­tor?

13. The first name of co­me­dian Grou­cho Marx was (a) Ja­cob (b) Joshua (c) Julius?

14. Which An­glo-French su­per­sonic air­liner be­gan com­mer­cial flights in 1976?

15. In Amer­i­can foot­ball, how many points are awarded for a touch­down (a) four (b) six (c) eight?

16. Name Redgum’s 1983 hit song about a young Aus­tralian soldier in the Viet­nam War.

17. Who was the most re­cent Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter to have served as deputy prime min­is­ter?

18. Name the only US state with a name be­gin­ning with “L”.

19. Which US golfer won the 2016 Aus­tralian PGA?

20. Which 2016 movie told the story of an il­lit­er­ate, im­pov­er­ished, Ugan­dan 10-year-old girl who within three years be­comes an in­ter­na­tion­ally renowned chess cham­pion?

21. Which Beach Boy briefly be­friended Charles Man­son and his fam­ily?

22. What is the US air­line-re­lated term for a fake smile?

23. Which in­stru­ment did Brian Jones play on the Rolling Stones 1966 hit Paint It Black?

24. Who was the most re­cent Aus­tralian to play in a men’s tennis sin­gles grand slam fi­nal?

25. What is the term for a cross with a loop form­ing its up­per sec­tion?


Ankh. 25. 2005). Open Aus­tralian( He­witt. Lley­ton 24. Sitar. 23. smile. Am Pan 22. Wil­son. Den­nis 21. Katwe. of Queen 20. III. Varner Harold 19. Louisiana. 18. 10).2007-( Gil­lard. Ju­lia 17. 19. Only Was I 16. six. b)( 15. Con­corde. 14. Julius. c)( 13. sculp­tor. c)( 12. Ti­tans. Coast Gold Raiders, Can­berra 11. John­son. Boris 10. Pak­istan. 9. Voice. the You’re 8. Pleurisy. 7. Aus­tralia. 6. 101. Room b)( 5. Wil­liams. Ser­ena 4. River. Mur­ray 3. bread. white c)( 2. Tues­day. 1.

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