An­zac edi­to­rial sparks reader re­sponses

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LAST week, Week­end fo­cused on the First World War (and other con­flicts) in the lead-up to An­zac Day last Tues­day. My edi­to­rial was about what I feel we owe the Dig­gers of the First World War, and the ser­vice­men and women who have since fought in con­flicts through­out the world.

I wrote last week that I feel we have an obli­ga­tion to those who have served to live in peace, and spread acts of peace in our daily lives.

The opin­ion stirred some emo­tions and feed­back from read­ers.

Avroh, of Caloun­dra, wrote in the on­line feed­back that it was all “very good” to be solemn and rev­er­ent.

“But we have to de­mand our politi­cians not to lead us into more Amer­i­can wars and for our re­turned vet­er­ans to be treated with all the help they need and not left to floun­der with life­time in­juries and trauma,” they wrote.

Vagabond, of Mary­bor­ough, wrote in on­line feed­back that they be­lieved gov­ern­ments are fu­elled by fear.

“Gov­ern­ments run on fear, it is their ma­jor tool, con­flict and divi­sion are what our form of govern­ment is all about,” they wrote.

“Our world will only im­prove when peo­ple see past po­lit­i­cal wars and con­trived divi­sion and see politi­cians for what they really are.

“We talk of ‘free­dom’ but our free­doms de­cline ev­ery year, an orig­i­nal AN­ZAC would turn in his grave to see the lose of free­doms for which he fort (sic).”

Daz­zart, of Sippy Downs, agreed that peo­ple who live in peace have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to spread that peace fur­ther, and pro­mote it in com­mu­ni­ties.

“Well writ­ten. Last (sic) we for­get,” they wrote. Week­end wants to hear from you, on any story, column or page in the mag­a­zine. Give us feed­back on­line or email week­

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