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1. Prover­bially, you can’t make what with­out breaking eggs? 2. The Colos­seum is in which na­tional cap­i­tal? 3. A pet­ti­fog­ger is an un­eth­i­cal or un­scrupu­lous (a) ac­coun­tant (b) builder (c) lawyer? 4. The col­lec­tive term for gi­raffes is (a) es­ca­la­tion (b) sky­scraper (c) tower? 5. What did the Duke of Nor­folk ban from Royal As­cot in 1971 (a) es­kies (b) hot pants (c) san­dals? 6. Who was Ju­lia Gil­lard’s pre­de­ces­sor and suc­ces­sor as Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter? 7. “Hey, I got a lot of faith in you. I’ll stick with you kid – that’s the bot­tom line,” are lyrics from which song? 8. In the 1920s, con artist Vic­tor Lustig twice sold which iconic struc­ture? 9. Last year, a Rus­sian TV net­work launched a real-life ver­sion of which movie se­ries in which con­tes­tants have to sur­vive on their own for nine months in Siberia? 10. Which item of equip­ment was per­mit­ted for swim­mers for the first time at the Mon­treal 1976 Olympics? 11. The Ku­muls are which coun­try’s na­tional rugby league team? 12. How many Bri­tish mon­archs reigned in the 20th cen­tury (a) four (b) six (c) ten? 13. Name the only sin­gle digit, two-syl­la­ble, count­ing num­ber. 14. “All the tried and noted rid­ers from the sta­tions near and far had mus­tered at the homestead overnight,” are words from which Banjo Pater­son poem? 15. Is the scaphoid bone in the wrist or an­kle? 16. The name of which branch of math­e­mat­ics comes from the Greek for “tri­an­gle mea­sur­ing”? 17. What was the pro­fes­sion of the par­ents of Hermione Granger, the Harry Pot­ter char­ac­ter? 18. Which Aus­tralian-born media chief was dubbed “the dirty dig­ger” by the Bri­tish press? 19. Bigga is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory? 20. Last year, which Ger­man quit For­mula One five days after win­ning his first world ti­tle? 21. What is the motto of the Lon­don Stock Ex­change? 22. In the 18th cen­tury, which queen was the cen­tral fig­ure in the Af­fair of the Di­a­mond Neck­lace? 23. What is the term for an oval-shaped di­a­mond with points at the ends? 24. What is the term for words with the same spell­ing but dif­fer­ent mean­ing? 25. The let­ters Tab on a key­board stand for what?

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