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1 What is a record of de­scent of a pure­bred an­i­mal? (8)

7 What is an agree­ment be­tween en­e­mies to sus­pend fight­ing? (5)

8 Which pop­u­lar veg­etable is a mem­ber of the lily fam­ily? (9)

9 What long white vest­ment is worn by clergy? (3) 10 In Greek mythol­ogy, what is the chief river of the un­der­world? (4)

11 The name of which 1970s com­puter lan­guage was formed from the words pro­gram­ming and logic? (6)

13 Which branch of medicine is con­cerned with the eye and its dis­eases? (13)

15 What sug­ary fluid is pro­duced by flow­ers? (6) 16 What farm tower is used for grain stor­age? (4) 18 A fe­male sheep (3)

20 What did Sir Francis Chich­ester name all his yachts? (5,4)

21 Boise is the cap­i­tal of which US state? (5) 22 What is the cen­tral build­ing block in the top of an arch? (8)


1 The drink perry is made from what? (5)

2 What painted or carved al­tar­piece has two hinged pan­els? (7)

3 What is a Hindu spir­i­tual leader? (4) 4 Whose books of the 1840s are re­garded as pre­de­ces­sors of the mod­ern mys­tery/ de­tec­tive story? (5,5,3)

5 Which branch of the Soviet se­cu­rity ser­vice was re­spon­si­ble for forced labour camps? (5)

6 In 1923, the FA Cup Fi­nal was held for the first time in which Lon­don sta­dium? (7)

7 Which poet and drama­tist had first names Thomas Stearns? (1,1,5)

12 Where is the Sears Tower sky­scraper? (7) 13 Which woman dies by drown­ing in Shake­speare’s Ham­let? (7)

14 Which river forms part of the bor­der be­tween Colom­bia and Venezuela? (7)

15 Where is Kath­mandu? (5)

17 Pre­his­toric cave draw­ings were done with what earthy pig­ment? (5)

19 What are the seed buds in pota­toes called? (4)

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