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Sure signs that the big ques­tion is on its way

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YOU have been see­ing each other for a while now. Things are get­ting pretty se­ri­ous. When will he pop the ques­tion? Or will he? You re­ally want that ring on your fin­ger but are not sure if it is go­ing to hap­pen or not. We un­der­stand the tor­ment of not know­ing, so we have some pretty solid ad­vice for you.

Here are some signs he is go­ing to pro­pose. Read on, ladies. ◗ YOU START TO SEE JEW­ELLERY AD­VER­TISE­MENTS WHEN ON

THE IN­TER­NET: Google is amaz­ing. It “knows” what you (or a spe­cial some­one) have been look­ing up on the in­ter­net lately, and it shows ad­ver­tise­ments that are tar­get­ing what you have been look­ing for.

So if all of a sud­den you start see­ing ads for en­gage­ment rings, and you’re pos­i­tive you haven’t been search­ing for them, some­one else has been do­ing some re­search on the topic.

◗ HE IS TALK­ING MORE ABOUT YOUR DAD OR SPEND­ING MORE TIME WITH HIM: In fact, of late they are pos­i­tively best buds. Maybe he might be but­ter­ing him up for some­thing… If your beau isn’t close to your dad and maybe he asks out of the blue for your dad’s mo­bile num­ber or sug­gests a trip to visit your par­ents, I guess you can start en­ter­tain­ing the idea that some­thing is brew­ing in that beau­ti­ful head of his.

◗ HE DE­CIDES TO GO SHOP­PING – WITH­OUT YOU: Be­cause, come on, there are only a few rea­sons why he would find him­self in a mall with­out you.

It could be be­cause he is only buy­ing boy things (video games, any­one?) or it could be he wants to shop in peace and you ab­so­lutely can­not be there. Men as a rule do hate to shop (there are ex­cep­tions of course) but if he starts dis­ap­pear­ing at odd times and comes home with a huge grin, there could be some­thing to it.

◗ ONE OF YOUR CUR­RENT RINGS IS MISS­ING: This is a pos­i­tive sign. Your new ring will have to fit your fin­ger, so if one of your rings mys­te­ri­ously goes miss­ing, then mirac­u­lously re­turns, he could be get­ting a spe­cial some­thing sized for your ring fin­ger. We couldn’t think of any other rea­son why he would be need­ing your rings all of a sud­den, so count on this as one of the surest signs he is go­ing to pro­pose.


◗ Hear­ing wed­ding bells? Here are some signs he may be about to pop the ques­tion.

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