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1 In which city was Billy Con­nelly born? (7) 4 What sim­ple tube-shaped mu­si­cal in­stru­ment pro­duces a buzzing sound when hummed into? (5) 7 Which metal is com­monly used in stor­age bat­ter­ies? (4)

8 Which crim­i­nal was played by Mick Jag­ger in a 1970 film? (3,5)

10 What dish was re­named lib­erty cab­bage in the US dur­ing WWI due to anti- Ger­man feel­ings? (10) 12 What is part of an in­sur­ance claim paid by the in­sured? (6)

13 Who bounced onto TV screens in 1967? (6) 15 Whose theme song was “Every­body Loves Some­body”? (4,6)

18 Which en­gine part has also be­come a word for a stupid or in­ept per­son? (8)

19 Which metal is used prin­ci­pally as a pro­tec­tive coat­ing for iron and steel? (4)

20 In mythol­ogy, who was killed by his brother Ro­mu­lus? (5)

21 What wide-an­gle cam­era lens can cover up to 180 de­grees? (7)


1 Which English car­toon­ist de­picted an or­di­nary Bri­tish fam­ily from 1937 to 1995? (5)

2 Which re­sort is some­times called the Riviera of Mex­ico? (8)

3 What large sail­ing barge was once com­mon on Eng­land’s Nor­folk Broads? (6)

4 The Grand Wiz­ard of the Em­pire headed which or­gan­i­sa­tion from 1867? (2,4,4)

5 Which French nov­el­ist (Emile __) wrote Nana? (4) 6 Which epic poem is as­cribed

to Homer? (7)

9 What cat­a­logue lists the cour­ses of­fered by a uni­ver­sity? (10)

11 Regi­nald Mitchell de­signed which air­craft but never saw it used in wartime? (8) 12 Colom­bia and Peru border which coastal coun­try? (7)

14 Which UN agency is de­voted to the wel­fare of chil­dren? (6)

16 What is mother-of-pearl also called? (5) 17 What tinned lun­cheon meat got its name from spiced ham? (4)

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