Big num­bers yarded at cat­tle sa­le­yards through­out the Bur­nett

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BIGGEN­DEN WEAN­ERS SALE BUR­NETT Live­stock & Realty’s weaner sale on Thurs­day, June 22, yarded 1994 head. Cat­tle were drawn from Chin­chilla, Mur­gon, Boouby­jan, Pros­ton, Ubobo, Bau­ple, Tansey, Brooweena, Gin Gin, Bund­aberg and all lo­cal ar­eas. The My­ers fam­ily, Bund­aberg, sold char­bray steers for 396c/$1147. Al­mond & Clegg, Mt Perry, sold char­bray steers for 381c/$867. Arn Hor­wood F/T, Gin Gin, sold char­bray steers for 370c/$840. R&L Brown, Pros­ton, sold char­bray steers for 387c/$1085. Ban Ban Farm­ing sold sim­men­tal-cross steers for 363c/$1231. CF Lehmann & Son, Tansey, sold sim­men­tal-cross steers for 384c/$870. KF & AJ Ward, Mt Perry, sold sim­men­tal-cross steers for 359c/$1127. S&S Apel, Chin­chilla, sold sim­men­tal-cross steers for 379c/$1052. Mar­cella Pas­toral, Boouby­jan, sold an­gus-cross steers for 370c/$1052. John Booth, Mon­duran, sold char­bray steers for 374c/$970. Der­mark P/L, Gayn­dah, sold drought­mas­ter steers for 350c/$1080. Sun­ny­dale Graz­ing, Boouby­jan, sold drought­mas­ter steers for 388c/$988. KG & MA Pen­gelly, Ubobo, sold santa steers for 362c/$982. Rof­f­cor Part­ners, Gaeta, sold bran­gus steers for 382c/$1103. Trevor Gor­don Hold­ings, Gayn­dah, sold an­gus-cross steers for 372c/$1131. K&F Con­nors, Bau­ple, sold an­gus-cross steers for 374c/$807. P&A Har­ney, Childers, sold brah­man-cross steers for 350c/$983.

The My­ers fam­ily, Bund­aberg, sold char­bray heifers for 348c/$835. Mait­land Bros, Boompa, sold char­bray heifers 330c/$770. A & VE McIn­tyre, Gin Gin, sold sim­men­tal-cross heifers for 340c/$869. Ban Ban Farm­ing sold sim­men­tal-cross heifers for 320c/$996. MP Kerr Land & Co, Mun­dub­bera, sold sim­brah heifers 328c/$729. Kylie Cur­tis, Biggen­den, sold sim­men­tal-cross heifers for 354c/$845. CF Lehmann & Son, Tansey, sold sim­men­tal-cross heifers for 342c/$735. The Staib fam­ily, Brooweena, sold char­bray heifers for 350c/$779. N&K Gib­son, Boompa, sold drought­mas­ter heifers for 334c/kg or $871. Der­mark Pty Ltd sold drought­mas­ter heifers for 342c/$884. Gi­goom­gan Pas­toral sold char­bray heifers for 342c/$870. G Gauld, Brooweena, sold santa heifers for 338c/$783. S&S Apel, Chin­chilla, sold sim­men­tal-cross heifers for 352c/$926. The Baker fam­ily, Gayn­dah, sold santa-cross heifers for 334c/$827. WFS & LJ Innes, Brooweena, sold an­gus-cross heifers for 338c/$853. R&L Brown, Pros­ton, sold cross­bred heifers for 320c/$853.

BIGGEN­DEN FEED­ERS SALE BUR­NETT Live­stock & Realty’s meat­works and store sale on Mon­day, June 26, had a yard­ing of 1177 head sell­ing to a firm mar­ket with weaner type cat­tle cheaper. Bul­locks sold to 286.2c, cows more than 500kg topped at 235c, cows 400–500kg topped at 228c and trade heifers more than 400kg topped at 280c. PJBS P/L, Coal­stoun Lakes, sold santa bul­locks for 279c/$1884. Mooru Graz­ing, Tak­il­beran, sold a line of santa sim­brah bran­gus bul­locks to top at 286c/$2004. The Lyons fam­ily, Pine Creek, sold char­bray-cross cows for 235c/$1422. Der­mark P/L, Gayn­dah, sold drought­mas­ter cows for 232c/$1269. Feeder steers 400–500kg sold to a top of 330c, while steers 300–400kg sold to 326c. Steers 200–300kg sold to 360c. Peter Munck­ton, Gin Gin, sold milk and two tooth red bran­gus-cross steers for 330c/$1496. EG & EJ John­son, Degilbo, sold two tooth char­bray steers for 318c/$1694. Solano, Schaedel and An­der­son, Gin Gin, sold drought­mas­ter-cross milk tooth steers for 325c/$1113. AW Bed­dows, Boouby­jan, sold sim­brah weaner steers for 360c/$887. HM Roth, Pros­ton, sold braford-cross weaner steers for 352c/$742. HL Fricke, Rosedale, sold drought­mas­ter weaner steers for 374c/$714.

Heifers 300–400kg sold to a top of 316c and heifers 200–300kg topped at 326c. Der­mark P/L, Gayn­dah, sold milk tooth drought­mas­ter heifers for 316c/$1187. S&T May, Booyal, sold milk tooth drought­mas­ter heifers for 308c/$1084.

The Clark fam­ily, Gin Gin, sold sim­brah weaner heifers for 325c/$896. R&A Dray­ton, Gayn­dah, sold brah­man weaner heifers for 297c/$690. Cat­tle were drawn from Rock­hamp­ton, Boouby­jan, Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mary­bor­ough, Her­vey Bay, Childers, Bund­aberg, Bucca, Rosedale, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin and all lo­cal ar­eas.


TOP X held its fort­nightly cat­tle sale on Wed­nes­day, June 21, with a qual­ity line-up of cat­tle on of­fer.

Steers less than 200kg sold 332c/kg and av­er­aged 331c/kg, while steers in the 200–300kg range earned to 383c/kg and av­er­aged 354c/kg. Steers 300–400kg earned 363c/kg and av­er­aged 320c/kg.

Heifers less than 200kg sold to 323c/kg and av­er­aged 313c/kg, while heifers in the 200–300kg range earned to 329c/kg and av­er­aged 303c/kg. Heifers 300–400kg sold to 309c/kg and av­er­aged 285c/kg.

W& A Gray of­fered 192kg brah­man-cross steers, sell­ing 332c/kg or $639. R Goody sold cross­bred steers, av­er­ag­ing 160kg and re­turn­ing 329c/kg or $526. M, C Mur­ray & P Hartwig of­fered 263kg char­bray-cross steers, sell­ing at 383c/kg or $1008. B& J Al­brecht pre­sented 240kg char­bray-cross steers for 381c/kg or $914

HK Dwyer sold 257kg char­bray-cross steers, earn­ing 375c/kg or $964. B Krause of­fered 319kg char­bray-cross steers for 363c/kg or $1158. R & B Hartwig sold 315kg santa-cross steers, earn­ing 347c/kg or $1093. B& J Tye pre­sented 452kg drought­mas­ter-cross steers for 331c/kg or $1497. B& J Doyle sold 170kg cross­bred heifers to 323c/kg, re­turn­ing $549. R Goody con­tin­ued to sell, with 167kg cross­bred heifers sell­ing for 307c/kg and re­turn­ing $513. B& J Al­brecht also of­fered 230kg sim­bray heifers for 329c, re­turn­ing $758.

S& E Minty sold 223kg cross­bred heifers for 324c or $724. B Krause pre­sented 316kg char­bray-cross heifers for 309c or $979. Meat­works cows sold $1415

The next Eidsvold Store Sale is on July 5, tak­ing book­ings now.


MONTO Cat­tle and Coun­try’s An­nual Store Cat­tle Show and Sale had a qual­ity yard­ing of 1353 head put for­ward. A strong buyer gallery came for­ward to se­cure qual­ity lines of the North Bur­nett’s best. Judge for the day was Steve Dunn, Mur­gon. Steve com­mented on the qual­ity cat­tle pro­duc­ers have con­tin­ued to pro­duce and with bet­ter ge­net­ics should only get bet­ter.

Rod­ney Ride­out, Goolah Graz­ing, Dawes, claimed cham­pion pen of steers suited to grow to Jap ox and cham­pion steers over­all with a top pen of milk tooth No 6 santa steers 440kg, which sold to Smith­field Feed­lot for $1422 or 323c/kg. McInnes Farm­ing, Moon­ford, sold an­gus steers 295kg for $1072 or 363c/kg to claim steers best suited to trade.

McInnes Farm­ing had a great day, also tak­ing out best pen of heifers suit trade and best pen of heifers over­all with 21 an­gus weaner heifers, which re­turned $868 or 341c/kg and were pur­chased by Hat­ton and Sons. Best pen of heifers most suited to breed­ers was won by a pen of santa weaner heifers con­signed by Neil Dar­ling­ton to re­turn $780 or 331c/kg. Dar­ren Keit­ley sold a run of drought­mas­ter-cross No 6 steers for 344c/kg to aver­age $1143 or 332c/kg. RS and N Reynolds sold EU bran­gus weaner steers to top at $975 or 377c/kg. Mark and Ros Loader, Har­rami, sold a cracker pen of drought­mas­ter-cross weaner steers 301kg for $1102 or 366c/kg. AG, MM and GR Downie sold a run of drought­mas­ter-cross weaner steers to aver­age 360c/kg or $858, top­ping at $990 or 371c/kg. Les and Rhonda Roth sold brah­man weaner steers for 391c/kg or $836.

NW and HJ Iversen sold drought­mas­ter No 6 heifers 337kg for 283c/kg or $956. Pat Wil­liams sold santa heifers 417kg for $1140 or 273c/kg. Brav­ish Pty Ltd sold droughtie-cross No 6 heifers 363kg for 290c/kg or $1055. Thierry and Amanda Devillers sold char­bray-cross No 6 heifers 305kg for $870 or 285c/kg. R and L Bly­ton sold char­bray weaner heifers for 336c/kg or $870. Garth and Pam O’Dell’s char­bray weaner heifers re­turned $753 or 339c/kg. RA and DA Edgar’s bran­gus weaner heifers sold to 341c/kg or $678. Cameron, Rachel and Harper Zi­eth, Mo­ran Downs, sold qual­ity drought­mas­ter weaner heifers to $792 or 321c/kg. Monto’s next fat and store sale will be held on Wed­nes­day, July 5, at 9am.


A TO­TAL of 1750 ex­cel­lent-qual­ity weaner were yarded in Mur­gon last Fri­day for Pratt Agen­cies An­nual June weaner sale. The con­sis­tent good qual­ity of the wean­ers yarded was a credit to the vendors, with 1100 steers and 650 heifers mak­ing up the num­bers. Steers av­er­aged $3.56/kg while the heifers av­er­aged $3.10/kg.

The to­tal yard­ing av­er­aged $3.38/kg, six cents a kilo less than the May aver­age of $3.44/kg. P& J An­gel, Mur­gon, sold charo­lais-cross steers for $1241 at $3.85/kg. Prizewin­ning an­gus-cross steers from B Ryan, Manum­bar, sold for $1270. The lead of A J Bam­bling’s draft of 220 braford weaner steers from Pen­whau­pell in Gayn­dah sold for $1203 at $3.83/kg, with the line av­er­ag­ing $880 at $3.72/kg. A &R Barsby, Tansey, sold charo­lais steers for $1180 at $3.80/kg. Drought­mas­ter steers from S & N Roth, Gayn­dah, sold for $3.66/kg, re­turn­ing $1116. K Knight, John­stown, sold santa-cross steers for $1116 at $3.59/kg. An­gus steers from G &A Sip­pel, Redgate, sold for $1068.

Three pens of santa steers a/c J& M Zill­man, Gayn­dah, sold for an aver­age of $913 and $3.70/kg, top­ping at $1010. Charo­lais-cross steers 227kg from G& J Zahl, Gayn­dah, sold to $3.80/kg for $863. M& S Kenny, Gayn­dah, sold a line of 40 braford steers for an aver­age of $860. Wal­green Pas­toral, Manum­bar, sold drought­mas­ter steers for $3.80/kg to re­turn $781. A draft of 70 drought­mas­ter steers from Waringa Breed­ing, Hivesville, sold for an aver­age of $834 at $3.73/kg. Char­bray steers from D& S Stevenson, Goomeri, sold for $4.01/kg to re­turn $738.

Char­bray heifers from Tansey sold to $1007 and $3.07/kg. T &B Schulz, Mof­fat­dale, sold charo­lais heifers for $3.01/kg, re­turn­ing $967. Drought­mas­ter heifers 313kg from Gayn­dah sold to $968 and $3.09/kg. Charo­lais-cross heifers 220kg a/c G Zahl sold to $3.42/kg, re­turn­ing $754. Drought­mas­ter-cross heifers from B& P Roon, Hivesville, sold for $798 at $3.25/kg. R & D Kenny, Gayn­dah, sold a line of 73 braford heifers for an aver­age of $703 at $3.07/kg. The draft topped at $778 and $3.15/kg. R& P McIntosh, Goomeri, sold bran­gus heifers for $781 and $3.16/kg. D Stan­ton, Goomeri, sold santa heifers for $648 at $3.39/kg. Peenam Pas­toral, Manum­bar, also sold santa heifers for $3.38/kg and $629. Brah­man-cross heifers a/c M Smith, Gayn­dah, sold for $631 at $3.30/kg. E& S Pick, Win­dera, sold bran­gus heifers for $3.30/kg, re­turn­ing $573.


A TO­TAL of 700 head was yarded on Tues­day for the Mur­gon Com­bined Agents fort­nightly sale. Val­ues were slightly eas­ier across the board with weaner heifers be­ing the most im­pacted as far as re­duced pric­ing was con­cerned. Ex­port cat­tle were slightly cheaper but feed­ers and younger steers re­mained fairly firm.

Cat­tle were drawn from Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mt Perry, Nanango, Kin­garoy, Kilki­van and lo­cally. Heavy bul­locks sold to $2.94/kg and $1940. Bulls topped at $2.67/kg and $1985. The best of the heavy cows sold to $2.35/kg for $1490.

Cows more than 500kg av­er­aged $2.20/kg. Cows 400–500kg topped at $2.30/kg, av­er­ag­ing $2.17/kg. Lighter cows less than 400kg topped at $1.90/kg. Heavy ex­port type heifers sold to $2.70/kg and $1710. E Hansen, Wondai, sold 418kg brah­man-cross steers for $1400 at $3.35/kg. Gelvieh-cross steers from C Dell­away, Win­dera, sold for $3.29/kg, re­turn­ing $1576. Drought­mas­ter-cross steers a/c J Cur­rin, Goomeri, sold for $1508 at $3.22 and $1399 and $3.23/kg. Drought­mas­ter-cross steers 377kg from D Vine, Hivesville, sold for $1245 at $3.30/kg. B Wag­ner, Pros­ton, sold santa-cross steers weigh­ing 373kg for $3.25/kg and $1214. Char­bray steers 335kg from J Blinco, Gayn­dah, sold for $1072 and $3.20/kg. L Barker sold li­mousin weaner steers for $976 and $3.35/kg. L Perkins sold 278kg charo­lais-cross steers for $922 at $3.31/kg. S Duff Hold­ings, Pros­ton, sold red bran­gus weaner steers for $3.19/kg, re­turn­ing $815 and $666 at $3.44/kg. Boyle Drilling, Win­dera, sold South Devon weaner steers for $3.42/kg for $665. Santa-cross heifers 364 kg a/c B Wag­ner, Pros­ton, sold for $1128 at $3.10/kg.

A draft of 40 drought­mas­ter-cross heifers from My­ora Pas­toral, John­stown, sold for $917 at an aver­age of $2.89/kg. B& A Gannon, Gayn­dah, sold drought­mas­ter weaner heifers for $714.

B Kelly, Mur­gon, sold an­gus weaner heifers for $3.01/kg and $657. Brah­man cows and calves sold to $1110.

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