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1. Where is your mandible bone? (5,3) 7. Which Greek sto­ry­teller is fa­mous for his col­lec­tion of fa­bles? (5) 8. Which TV se­ries asked “Who killed Laura Palmer?”? (4,5) 9. What drink is made from dry white wine and crème de cassis? (3) 10. What thin creamy clay mix­ture is used by pot­ters? (4) 11. In which city was Marie An­toinette born? (6) 13/14. Which cur­rent royal was the first child born to a reign­ing Bri­tish monarch for over a cen­tury? (6,6) 17. What word can pre­cede meal, leg and root? (6) 18. What is the cap­i­tal of Nor­way? (4) 20. What is an en­clo­sure for pigs? (3) 22. In 1955, which civil rights ac­tivist fa­mously re­fused to give up her bus seat to a white pas­sen­ger? (4,5) 23. What dark wood is used for piano keys? (5) 24. What char­ac­ter­is­tic is shared by all quadrupeds? (4,4)


1. Which Bri­tish sports car com­pany was founded by Colin Chap­man in 1952? (5) 2. Where in Hawaii was an aquar­ium founded in 1904? (7) 3. Vast yellow fields of what crop can be seen in Europe, Asia and Canada? (4) 4. What word on mu­sic means “in slow time”? (6) 5. A 1995 earth­quake in Ja­pan dam­aged Kobe and which other city? (5) 6. Who killed Cock Robin? (7) 7. “Is inane” is an ana­gram of what word? (7) 12. What in­surance worker cal­cu­lates risks and pol­icy pre­mi­ums? (7) 13. What solid trans­par­ent plas­tic was de­vel­oped in the 1930s? (7) 15. What is an ex­tra team player serv­ing as a pos­si­ble sub­sti­tute? (7) 16. What wall paint­ing is done in wet plas­ter? (6) 17. What coun­cil dis­cusses ec­cle­si­as­ti­cal busi­ness? (5) 19. Which pop band was formed by broth­ers Noel and Liam? (5) 21. What horny spike is on the back of a cock’s leg? (4)

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