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Eidsvold sale

QUAL­ITY lines of cat­tle were on of­fer on Wed­nes­day, July 5, at the Eidsvold yards pro­duc­ing solid re­sults.

Steers 200–300kg made 341c/kg and av­er­aged 325c/kg.

Steers 300–400kg sold for 325c/kg and av­er­aged 295c/kg.

Steers 400–500kg sold for 282c/kg and av­er­aged 277c/kg.

Heifers un­der 200kg topped at 300c/kg and av­er­aged 287c/kg.

Heifers 200–300kg made 331c/kg and av­er­aged 302c/kg.

Heifers 300–400kg sold to 286c/kg and av­er­aged 282c/kg. Glen­gar­vey of­fered 204kg an­gus-cross steers reach­ing 341c to re­turn $698. B Goschnick pre­sented a line of 285kg charo­lais-cross steers for 339c returning $969. R&P By­grave sold 314kg drought­mas­ter steers for 325c to re­turn $1021.

S&A Knap­man sold 327kg charo­lais-cross steers sell­ing for 295c to re­turn $965. T McPhee sold char­bray-cross steers for 269c for 645kg to re­turn $1736. Glen­gar­vey sold 201kg bran­gus cross heifers for 331c to re­turn $667.

B&C Whi­taker sold 259kg charo­lais-cross heifers sell­ing for 317c and returning $822. B Ni­chols pre­sented a line of santa-cross heifers weigh­ing 284kg sell­ing for 303c to re­turn $862. Lawn­dock of­fered 398kg brah­man-cross heifers for 282c returning $1124.

S&S Apel sold 570kg santa-cross cows for 216c returning $1232.

Next TopX North Bur­net­tEidsvold cat­tle sale Au­gust 2, 12.30pm start.

Monto sale

MONTO Cat­tle and Coun­try at­tracted 800 head for the fort­nightly fat and store sale held on Wed­nes­day, July 5. Prices for most de­scrip­tions eased slightly with weaner steers hold­ing their val­ues well.

Cat­tle were drawn from Biloela, Eidsvold, Boyne Val­ley and Monto dis­tricts. Heavy bulls sold from 221c/kg to 268c/kg top­ping at $2628. Kacey San­der­son sold sim­men­tal cross trade steers 505kg for 291c/kg or $1470. Ian and Tracey San­der­son’s 646kg charo­lais cross bul­locks sold to 275c/kg or $1780. Noel Goody sold an­gus bul­locks 556kg for 267c/kg or $1486. GTM and DI McLaugh­lan’s 643kg drought­mas­ter bul­locks re­turned $1770 or 275c/kg. Nev Moss­man sold brah­man cross cows 547kg for 231c/kg or $1265. WR and AJ Goody’s char­bray cows 637kg re­turned $1422 or 223c/kg. Euroka Graz­ings’ 578kg cows sold to 222c/kg or $1285. Shayne and He­len Moss­man, Ubobo sold 438kg brah­man cows for 215c/kg or $944. John Sin­clair and fam­ily sold santa store cows PTIC for 215c/kg or $1075. Nev Moss­man sold brah­man steers 396kg for 295c/kg or $1170. Matthew and Tracey Pat­tie sold an­gus No7 steers 300kg for 353c/kg or $1060. John Pick­er­ing penned santa No7 steers 254kg to re­turn $916 or 360c/kg. KD&AP Wy­atte sold braford-brah­man cross weaner steers for $907 or 375c/kg. Les and Val Hotz con­signed braford cross weaner steers 260kg to re­turn $950 or 364c/kg. John Ca­ha­lane’s soft charo­lais cross weaner steers 249kg re­turned $936 or 376c/kg.

Bugsy Muller’s droughtie cross No6 heifers 389kg sold to 283c/kg or $1103. Red­line Cat­tle Co sold red bran­gus No6 heifers 395kg for $1120 or 283c/kg. Dar­ren and Ja­son Wy­atte sold a run of drought­mas­ter and brah­man No6 feeder heifers 360kg to 380kg and sold to 283c/kg or $1051. TF&AB Vaughan’s droughtie cross No6 heifers 350kg sold to 279c/kg or $977. Les and Val Hotz sold 230kg braford cross weaner heifers for $647 or 281c/kg. RR&DC Kerle’s char­bray weaner heifers sold to 283c/kg or $620. J Araya sold brah­man cross weaner heifers for 318c/kg or $635. Richie Bow­man’s weaner char­bray heifers sold to 277c/kg or $620.

Monto’s next sale will be held on Wed­nes­day, July 19.

Mur­gon sale

NUM­BERS eased back to 600 in Mur­gon on Tues­day partly due to the iso­lated rain ar­eas around the re­gion in the pre­vi­ous few days. The mar­ket for all de­scrip­tions was back slightly on the pre­vi­ous sale with vealer heifers tak­ing the brunt of the re­duc­tion in val­ues. Ex­port cat­tle and feed­ers were also cheaper. Cat­tle were drawn from Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry, Gayn­dah, Biggenden, Durong, Kin­garoy, Nanango and lo­cally. Bul­locks sold to 277c/kg and $1950.00. Heavy cows over 500kg sold to 228c/kg and $1650.00.

Cows in the 400–500kg range av­er­aged 212c/kg top­ping at 217c/kg and $1075.00. Lighter Cows un­der 400kg sold to 197c/kg. Bulls re­mained fairly firm sell­ing to $2675 at 266c/kg. G Schneider, Gayn­dah, sold drought­mas­ter steers for $1540 (3.10) and $1260 (3.15). E,A & A Ran­dle Speed­well sold Mur­ray Grey steers for $1320 at 321c/kg. An­gus steers weigh­ing 354kg a/c W&K Sip­pel, Mur­gon, sold to $1170 at 330c/kg. 370kg Santa steers from Goomeri sold to 327c/kg returning $1210.

S Roth, Gayn­dah, sold drought­mas­ter steers for $1050 at 335c/kg. B&A Gan­non, Gayn­dah, sold 307kg charo­lais cross weaner steers for 338c/kg returning $1038. Brah­man cross weaner steers from P&A Din­gle, Mt Perry, sold for $1067 at 337c/kg. Their braford cross weaner steers sold for 343c/kg for $880.

270kg an­gus weaner steers from P Ruthen­berg, Pros­ton, sold for 350c/kg and $947. Per­rett Traders, Jimna, sold 240kg charo­lais cross steers for $864 at 359c/kg. Santa cross weaner steers from Eidsvold sold for $714 at 351c/kg.

R&F Nichol, Mt Perry, sold charo­lais cross heifers for $1118 and $1056. Glen­rock Cat­tle Co, John­stown, sold gelvieh cross heifers for $1048, $963 and $847. L&T Smith sold 325kg Santa heifers for $956 and 294c/kg. B&A Gan­non, Gayn­dah, sold three pens of charo­lais cross weaner heifers for 315c/kg av­er­ag­ing $854. 250kg santa cross heifers from Crown­thorpe sold for $739 at 294c/kg.

The next Mur­gon sale is on Tues­day, July 25, at 8am.


ON SALE: Monto cat­tle sale at­tracted about 800 head.

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