Let’s talk about Di­a­betes & your sleep

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Let’s tIlk Iboqt yoqr sleep heIlth. Snor­ing InO OIy­time Orowsi­ness Ire com­mon symp­toms of sleep Ip­noeI. How Ooes it If­fect yoqr iqIl­ity of sleep? It is I conOi­tion which cIqses I per­son to stop breIthing Oqring their sleep. The most com­mon form of sleep Ip­noeI, Ob­strqc­tive Sleep Ap­noeI (OSA), oc­c­qrs when the Iir­wIy repeIteOly col­lIpses Oqring sleep cIqs­ing I cessI­tion of breIthing. This resqlts in I reOqc­tion of blooO oxy­gen lev­els InO cIqses the per­son to wIke nqmeroqs times thro­qghoqt the night. Sleep Ip­noeI is I conOi­tion which is highly pre­vI­lent Imongst those with OiI­betes. 50% of peo­ple with type 2 OiI­betes Ilso hIve sleep Ip­noeI. Sleep Ip­noeI cIn Ilso in­creIse the risk of Oevel­op­ing OiI­betes.


StqOies hIve shown thIt 1 in 5 IOqlts sqf­fer some form of sleep Ip­noeI, cqr­rently only 20% of which hIve been OiIg­noseO. Symp­toms of sleep Ip­noeI cIn vIry from per­son to per­son bqt the most com­mon ones in­clqOe: •Dmy­time sleepi­ness, )mti%ye mnp tirep­ness •Imp­mirep con­cen­trm­tion •Rest­less sleep mnp hemvy swemtin% •Freuyent vis­its to the toi­let pyrin% the ni%ht •Snorin% •Chokin% mnp coy%hin% pyrin% pe­ri­ops o) sleep •Mornin% hempm­ches •Wmkin% yp )eelin% ynre)reshep •Repy­cep sex prive •Ir­rit­moil­ity •Fm­llin% msleep pyrin% roy­tine mc­tiv­i­ties A lot of the time the per­son who is If­fecteO by sleep Ip­noeI Ooesn’t no­tice Iny symp­toms Oqring the night. In­steIO it is their pIrt­ner or fImily mem­ber who com­plIins Iboqt their snor­ing or in­ter­rqpteO breIthing Oqring the night. Who is mt risk o) Sleep Ap­noem? Sleep mp­noem cmn mf­fect mny­one. The cyrrent stIts Ire 58% of peo­ple with OiI­betes hIve sleep Ap­noeI. If left qn­mInIgeO sleep Ip­noeI cIn hIve sig­nificInt long term heIlth InO life­style com­plicI­tions in­clqOing: •In­crem­sep risk o) cm­r­pi­ovm­scylmr pisemse •In­crem­sep risk o) pevel­opin% mnp/or wors­enin% type 2 pi­moetes •Ooe­sity •Moop pisor­pers mnp repy­cep uym­l­ity o) li)e •Erec­tile pys)ync­tion •In­crem­sep risk o) mo­tor ve­hi­cle mccipents Oqr GqIrOiIn phIr­mI­cist & sleep con­sqltInts will Ois­c­qss yoqr sleep hIbits with yoq, InO help yoq Issess Iny risks in­store. The in-phIr­mIcy risk Issess­ment iqes­tion­nIire will rIte yoqr OIy­time sleepi­ness, it’s sim­ple, eIsy, non- in­vI­sive & co­qlO mIke Ill the Oif­fer­ence to yoqr iqIl­ity of sleep.

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