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Across 7. What body part is swollen in ble­phar­i­tis? (6) 8. What is the full DNA se­quence of an or­gan­ism? (6)

10. What was Roy Rogers’ horse called? (6) 11. What weapon fires barbed wires to de­liver a tem­po­rar­ily paralysing shock? (5)

12. Elvers are young what? (4)

13. The name of which pop­u­lar mo­tor scooter came from the Latin for wasp? (5)

17. Which screen awards are pre­sented an­nu­ally in Bri­tain? (5)

18. What is the rounded seed cap­sule of plants such as cot­ton or flax? (4)

22. What word can pre­cede mush­room, cir­cle and car­pet? (5)

23. Which no­to­ri­ous Lon­don prison was burnt down dur­ing ri­ots in 1780? (7)

24. In Greek mythol­ogy, Pyg­malion was the king of where? (6)

25. What was some­one em­ployed to look af­ter the horses of peo­ple stay­ing at an inn? (6) Down 1. What in­ter­ests a me­te­o­rol­o­gist? (7)

2. What is the cap­i­tal city of An­dalu­sia? (7) 3. What is the outer sur­face of a ship’s hull where the bot­tom curves to meet the ver­ti­cal sides? (5)

4. From 1936, Hein­rich Himm­ler headed which se­cret po­lice? (7)

5. What is the “Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie” in a Robert Burns poem? (5)

6. Lit­er­ally “earth” in Latin, what is land or ter­ri­tory? (5)

9. Sil­ver gave which coun­try its name? (9) 14. Chalk and cheese are sim­i­larly high in what? (7) 15. What small round boat is made of hides stretched over a wicker frame? (7)

16. Mu­si­cally, what word in­structs “in a brisk lively man­ner”? (7)

19. The Yid­dish word shmek, “a sniff”, led to what name for heroin? (5)

20. Where did the Ptolemy dy­nasty rule? (5) 21. What na­tion­al­ity was leg­endary marksman Wil­liam Tell? (5)

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