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THE mar­ket for most de­scrip­tions was tougher for the 600 yarded in Mur­gon on Tues­day. Bet­ter qual­ity weaner steers still sold to fairly firm val­ues top­ping at 366c/kg. Val­ues for ex­port cat­tle, feeder types and weaner heifers were all eas­ier. Cat­tle were drawn from Mun­dub­bera, Gayndah, Mount Perry, Durong, Yar­ra­man, Nanango, Kin­garoy and lo­cal ar­eas.

Very few ex­port bul­locks were yarded. Heavy bulls sold to fairly firm rates top­ping at 256c/kg for $2230. Cows over 500kg sold to 223c/kg and $1570.00. Cows 400-500kg were cheaper sell­ing to $2.10 c/kg av­er­ag­ing 193c/kg. Lighter cows un­der 400kg sold to160c/kg.G&FStu mm, Goomeri, sold Charo­lais cross steers for 300c/kg to re­turn $1417.

L Yes­berg, Tansey, sold Drought­mas­ter steers for $1462.00 (290c/kg), $1417.00 (298c/kg) and $1446.00 (2.73). S& D Hansen, Mur­gon, sold 420 kg Santa steers for $1180.00. 305 kg An­gus cross steers from L& H Grant, Merl­wood, sold to $979.00 at 305c/kg.

A draft of 64 Drought­mas­ter steers with an av­er­age weight of 318 kg, A/c My­ora Pas­toral, John­stown, sold for $936 at 302c/kg av­er­age. 312kg Drought­mas­ter steers from M Pethers, Mt McEuen, sold to $911 at 291c/kg. 228kg Santa weaner steers from Wheat­lands sold for 366c/kg to re­turn $834.

An­gus cross weaner steers from Yar­ra­man sold for $783 at 358c/kg. 263kg Charo­lais cross weaner steers from A & R Barsby, Tansey, sold for $891 at 338c/kg. Stu­art Din­gle, Mt Perry, sold Braford cross steers for 333c/kg for $720. Kennedy & Hef­feran, Mur­gon, also sold Sim­men­tal cross weaner steers for 333c/kg for $743. Light Char­bray weaner steers from Gayndah sold to $646 at 355c/kg. Merl­wood En­ter­prises sold a draft of 416kg cross­bred heifers for an av­er­age of 263c/kg for $1095, the tops be­ing Char­bray heifers at 275c/kg and $1114. 305kg An­gus heifers sold for 285c/kg re­turn­ing $872. Charo­lais weaner heifers from R& OR an kin,Bri good a, sold for $670 and 285c/kg. An­gus weaner heifers from S Laver­ing, Kin­garoy, sold for 280c/kg re­turn­ing $605. The Davies fam­ily, Yar­ra­man, sold Braford cross weaner heifers for $681 at 275c/kg.


BIGGENDEN DEAL: Feeder steers from Jen­sco Graz­ing, Mount Perry sold for 316.2c/kg.

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