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ACROSS 1 What wooden frame holds an artist’s work? (5) 4 In Isaac Asi­mov’s The Naked Sun, what out­num­ber hu­mans by twenty-thou­sand to one? (6) 9 Where in the US is Sears Tower? (7)

10 What steps aid climb­ing over a fence? (5) 11 Who is the main vil­lain in Shake­speare’s Othello?


12 What is the fi­nal stage of a chess game? (8) 13 What sauce is pop­u­lar in Asian cook­ing? (3) 14 What ti­tle had the for­mer monarch of Iran? (4) 16 What is a hor­i­zon­tal ac­cess to a mine? (4) 18 What form of Bud­dhism val­ues med­i­ta­tion? (3) 20 What is a joss stick used as? (7)

21 What did the Si­amese lan­guage be­come? (4) 24/25 Which sound­track al­bum spent 115 weeks at the top of the UK charts? (5,7)

26 What is Scot­land’s most fa­mous mon­ster nick­named? (6)

27 What do the lachry­mal glands pro­duce? (5) DOWN 1 Which Greek math­e­ma­ti­cian’s book El­e­ments has been used by stu­dents for 2000 years? (6) 2 What ban­dage sup­ports an in­jured arm? (5) 3 What metal was used for Ro­man wa­ter pipes? (4) 5 What vol­canic rock is hard and glass-like? (8) 6 What is the Ja­panese pa­per- fold­ing art? (7) 7 In which coun­try was Greta Garbo born? (6) 8 In an­cient times, what was used as an an­ti­sep­tic on bat­tle wounds? (5)

13 Where is the world’s largest cargo port? (8) 15 What do you have if you are suf­fer­ing from sin­gul­tus? (7)

17 Which sur­name was shared by a 20th-century US pres­i­dent and a Bri­tish prime min­is­ter? (6) 18 The for­mer wife of which Marx Brother mar­ried Frank Si­na­tra? (5)

19 Which large con­stel­la­tion is also known as the Fish? (6)

22 Which Amer­i­can trade union leader (Jimmy ____) dis­ap­peared in 1975, be­lieved mur­dered? (5) 23 What is the tail of a hare, rab­bit or deer? (4)

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