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The morn­ing alarm sounds, you’re all psyched and ready to tackle your fresh fit­ness goal. You have the pro­gram, the knowl­edge (to an ex­tent), hot new out­fit and noth­ing is go­ing to stop you. The first few weeks of the “new you” are fine, af­ter this things be­gin to feel a lit­tle mo­not­o­nous. Per­haps you don’t see re­sults as fast as you would like or sleep­ing in seems a more at­trac­tive propo­si­tion. Your willpower has faded ... or com­pletely left the build­ing. The main is­sue most of us face is hop­ing we fol­low through with a fit­ness reg­i­men by do­ing what we be­lieve we should be do­ing. The big­gest clincher here is find­ing and do­ing some­thing you like/love/can’t get enough of. Your friends may be see­ing re­sults with a cer­tain style of ex­er­cise, but if it’s some­thing that doesn’t get you at least a lit­tle bit ex­cited then it just ain’t go­ing to hap­pen. The key to last­ing change and life­long be­hav­iours is do­ing some­thing you en­joy enough to want to con­tinue do­ing it. Willpower is great to get you out of bed when the sun is shin­ing for a lovely walk, but once it hits win­ter and it’s chilly and dark then our habits and rou­tines reign supreme. This is where a well thought out, in­di­vid­u­alised, move­ment-based pro­gram that you’ve cre­ated (or had in­put with) shines through. Per­haps you didn’t re­ally gel with the orig­i­nal pro­gram. Don’t give up, just go back to the draw­ing board and ask your­self what ac­tiv­i­ties you en­joy do­ing, and what po­ten­tial road­blocks you will face. What makes you feel good? What does ex­er­cise mean to you? By al­low­ing space for new be­liefs and ex­pec­ta­tions you are shift­ing work­ing out to a more im­me­di­ate re­ward. From a chore to a gift. I don’t love ev­ery as­pect of fit­ness. Well, I lie, there are cer­tain types of work­outs I pre­fer over oth­ers that get me ex­cited about mak­ing the time. Be­ing the en­durance junkie that I am, run­ning a marathon doesn’t rock my boat, but stick me out in the mid­dle of a Hawai­ian chan­nel and I would hap­pily pad­dle the same dis­tance. The same can be said for the gym, but leave me to my own de­vices at home and I can eas­ily and hap­pily punch out a cre­ative cir­cuit work­out. Can you see it’s more about find­ing a unique an­gle you love do­ing? The next step is to not get too caught up in the process of the smaller de­tails. The most im­por­tant fac­tor of your fit­ness equa­tion is just cre­at­ing the habit of mak­ing the time and com­mit­ting to start­ing the process. The rest will come later. We of­ten over­anal­yse stuff that doesn’t mat­ter. The num­ber of reps, the gear we are go­ing to wear, the cor­rect tech­niques (which is im­por­tant at some stage), but the big­gest draw­card for you in em­brac­ing fit­ness as part of your life­style is by sim­ply just do­ing it. Be­ing con­sis­tent with mak­ing the time and al­low­ing your­self to build mo­men­tum. This is what is go­ing to get you through when there is no willpower to draw upon. Per­haps all you can fit in is 25-30 min­utes out of your 10-hour day — that is per­fectly fine and all you need for an ef­fec­tive work­out. Look at it this way: You’re de­vot­ing less than 2-3 per cent of your day to ex­er­cise, and it might be this 3 per cent that shifts your mind­set to a more pos­i­tive di­rec­tion for the re­main­der. If you are pressed for time, it’s best to limit the time you spend trav­el­ling. Make it con­ve­nient with less de­ci­sions. Have you ever re­con­sid­ered that work­out you did as you watched a beau­ti­ful sun rise or set? Hardly, and this is what you should be fo­cus­ing on rather than the small de­tails that are ir­rel­e­vant if you don’t even make it out of bed. Look at the pos­i­tive trade-offs and worry about the rest when you be­gin. Habit for­ma­tion is the pot of gold you’re look­ing for and it be­gins here.

Cham­pion iron­woman and ocean ath­lete Karla Gil­bert is an ac­cred­ited Nu­tri­tion and Health Coach and cer­ti­fied Level III and IV Fit­ness Trainer, with cer­tifi­cates in Child Nu­tri­tion and Nu­tri­tion.

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