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A quick snack is a great snack, right? Most of us know that’s pretty far from the truth. But here’s a vis­ual to show just how snack­ing may be un­do­ing all your hard work. In­sta­gram ac­count Max We­ber Fit placed a side-by-side im­age show­ing ex­actly how two Oreo cook­ies com­pare in calo­ries with 16 straw­ber­ries. “The food choices you make, and the por­tion sizes you elect will largely dic­tate your progress on your fit­ness goals,” the cap­tion along­side the im­age read. “And in this case, you can see how much the choices you make dic­tate how much or how lit­tle food you get at any given meal or snack. “Think about it … two Oreos, while de­li­cious, will not fill you up. How­ever, 16 straw­ber­ries for less to­tal calo­ries will go further on keep­ing you sa­ti­ated and will pro­vide you with mi­cronu­tri­ents along the way.” The trainer be­hind the post, Max We­ber, said: “Keep these lit­tle things in mind on your fit­ness jour­ney, and make the ‘ bet­ter’ choice. What­ever that may be for you, given your goals, your crav­ings and your val­ues.” Mr We­ber of­ten posts im­ages of food and snack com­par­isons to show those try­ing to lose weight how a meal or por­tion size may be mess­ing with their waist­line. Post­ing last month, Mr We­ber com­pared two break­fast burg­ers and how they dif­fered in calo­ries. The chicken, egg and cheese bagel con­tained 480 calo­ries, while the egg white op­tion with grilled chicken and a cup of fruit was more than 100 calo­ries less.

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