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CQLX agents penned 2468 head on Au­gust 11 at Gracemere con­sist­ing of 1350 steers, 870 heifers, 203 cows, five cows and calves and 35 bulls.

The mar­ket firmed in most de­scrip­tions, how­ever weaner steers gained some ground and weaner heifers eased on last week’s rates.

Steers to slaugh­ter topped 278.2c/kg to av­er­age 257.0c/kg firm.

Steers 400–500kg topped 294.2c/kg to av­er­age 276.0c/kg with a -6 mar­ket change.

Steers 300–400kg saw a top of 316.2c/kg av­er­ag­ing 284.0c/kg with the mar­ket re­main­ing firm.

Steers 200–300kg saw a top of 344.2c/kg to av­er­age a 327.9c/kg re­turn with a +15 change in the mar­ket.

Steers un­der 200kg topped 348.2c/kg to av­er­age 323.8c/kg to a firm mar­ket.

Cows to slaugh­ter topped 249.2c/kg to av­er­age 204.3c/kg with a +8 mar­ket change.

Cows 400–450kg topped at 200.2c/kg to re­turn 171.1c/kg see­ing a mar­ket drop of -9.

Cows 320–400kg topped 210.2c/kg to av­er­age 171.2c/kg firm.

Wo­tonga Graz­ing Nebo sold here­ford cross to av­er­age 643kg at 256c/kg to re­turn $1650/hd.

John Hicks and fam­ily sold prime drought­mas­ter cows for 224c/kg weigh­ing 631kg to re­turn $1416/hd.

Cash fam­ily, St Lawrence, sold brah­man steers for 336c/kg to weigh 265kg to re­turn $892/hd.

C and K White, Glen­roy, sold qual­ity brah­man steers to a top of 336c weigh­ing 212kg to re­turn $708/hd.

Brett Hall Kut­tab­ull via Mackay sold bran­gus weaner steers for 342c/kg weigh­ing 256kg to re­turn $877/hd.

Spelta Graz­ing Go­gango sold santa euro-cross steers for 337c weigh­ing 286kg to re­turn $967/hd.

River­side Pas­toral Nebo sold brah­man-cross steers for 284c weigh­ing 381kg to re­turn $1083 and the heifers av­er­aged 256c weigh­ing 345kg to re­turn $885/hd.

Lyn Gra­ham sold char­bray weaner steers to top at 328c weigh­ing 265kg to re­turn $870/hd.


Emer­ald sell­ing agents sold 1138 head in an in­creased yard­ing last Thurs­day.

Cat­tle were drawn from Capella, Bo­gan­tun­gan, Al­pha, Spring­sure, Cler­mont, Rolle­ston and lo­cal ar­eas.

With limited num­bers of heavy prime steers on of­fer and re­duced num­bers of heavy and medium-weight cows the mar­ket was dom­i­nated by runs of good-qual­ity young steers and heifers.

All reg­u­lar buy­ers were in at­ten­dance, with the mar­ket firm to two–five cents bet­ter for prime cat­tle, with the younger good-qual­ity store cat­tle firm to a shade dearer on last week’s quotes.

Brendan An­der­son, Al­pha, sold brah­man-cross light weaner steers for 3.31c/kg weigh­ing 190kg or $621.

An­drew and Bron­wyn Hoch, Al­pha, sold drought­mas­ter cows for 2.00c/kg weigh­ing 510kg to re­turn $1020.

An­drew and An­gella Sch­warz, Spring­sure, sold drought­mas­ter grain-as­sist heifers for 2.42c/kg weigh­ing 586kg or $1418.

Kerry and Cathy Truloff, Wil­lows, sold brah­man cows for $1.95c/kg weigh­ing 590kg or $1153.

KD and DJ Cop­ping, Rolle­ston, sold santa gertrudis cows for 2.00c/kg weigh­ing 548kg and re­turn­ing $1097.

River­side Graz­ing Com­pany, Spring­sure, sold euro-cross steers for 2.11c/kg weigh­ing an av­er­age of 316kg to re­turn $670.

They also sold euro-cross mickey bulls for 2.48c/kg to weigh 179kg re­turn­ing $444.

Cobb Cat­tle Co, Cler­mont, sold brah­man-cross steers for 2.44c/kg at 392kg to re­turn $956 and brah­man-cross heifers sold for 2.45c/kg at 344kg to re­turn $844.

Ge­orge, Marie and Steve Saun­ders, Bo­gan­tun­gan, sold a line of charo­lais/ drought­mas­ter /brah­man-cross weaner steers to top the sale at 387.2c/kg.

The lead pen of charo­lais-cross steers weighed 270kg, which made 374.2c/kg and $1012/hd.

The draft av­er­aged 235kg for 374.2c/kg av­er­age or $882/hd.

Ted and Gai Sypher, Capella, sold bran­gus weaner heifers to top the sale at 2.90c/kg weigh­ing 225kg and $652/hd.

Peter and Jeanette Cook, Pine Hill, sold drought­mas­ter steers to 337c/kg to weigh 280kg and gross $944/hd.


CHAR­TERS Tow­ers com­bined agents yarded a to­tal of 1487 cat­tle con­sist­ing of 571 prime cat­tle and 916 store cat­tle.

The prime cat­tle con­sisted of 106 bul­locks, 22 heifers, 292 cows and 151 bulls.

Store cat­tle yarded 298 steers, 573 heifers, no cows and four cows and calves.

Cat­tle com­prised few bul­locks with some good lines of cows.

Yard­ing was drawn from Mt Isa, Ju­lia Creek, Rich­mond, Hugh­en­den, Belyando, Ge­orge­town, Prairie lo­cal and coastal ar­eas.

Bul­locks were quoted 7–8c/kg dearer, heifers were 2–4c/kg eas­ier and cows were 7–8c/kg dearer on last week’s rates.

Bul­locks topped at 252.2c/kg for a few in­di­vid­ual ones, whereas the top pen made 2c/kg.

Best-priced trade heifers were pre­sented on a/c CT and JL Poole and made 259.2c/kg to weigh 465kg and re­turn $1205 a head.

The top pen of cows was sold by J Bethel for 206.2c/kg and weighed 603kg to re­turn $1433 a head.

Bulls sold on a/c AJ Gal­lagher topped at


THERE was a yard­ing of 4786 head at Roma Store Sale, down 2000 head on last week.

All the usual buy­ers were present and op­er­at­ing in a mar­ket re­ward­ing qual­ity, how­ever the dry of win­ter was ev­i­dent.

The cow mar­ket was mostly af­fected as grow­ers light­ened off and bat­tened down the hatches, hope­ful for early spring rain.

Calves topped at 374c to av­er­age 350c/kg.

Year­ling steers to re­stock­ers rep­re­sent­ing the ma­jor­ity of the yard­ing topped at 370c to av­er­age 294c/kg.

Feed­lot en­try-weight steers topped at 317c to av­er­age 283c/kg. Heav­ier steers to slaugh­ter made to a top of 290c to av­er­age 265c/kg.

A hand­ful of grown heifers made to 246c to av­er­age 193c/kg. Light bulls re­turn­ing to the pad­dock topped at 332c while heavy bulls to slaugh­ter av­er­aged 248c/kg.

Cows to slaugh­ter topped at 220c while light-con­di­tioned cows topped at 214c/kg and only a hand­ful were re­turned to the pad­dock.

There was a yard­ing of 938 head at the Roma Prime Sale, up 77 head on last week.

All buy­ers were present and op­er­at­ing in an eas­ier mar­ket, where the ma­jor­ity penned were cows in prime con­di­tions.

Qual­ity was good across the board.

Year­ling steers 350–400kg topped at 260c to av­er­age 256c/kg.

Grown steers topped at 275.2c to av­er­age 254c/kg. Good yield­ing young bulls topped at 267c to av­er­age 225c/kg.

A hand­ful of sappy year­ling heifers sold to 240c to av­er­age 226c/kg. Grown heifers made to 256c and av­er­aged 243c/kg.

Light cows topped at 217c to av­er­age 197c/kg.

The largest runs were of good-qual­ity heavy cows in prime con­di­tion over 500kg, which were pleas­ing to the buy­ers and topped at 220c to av­er­age 211c/kg.


THERE were a few more cat­tle yarded this week for a to­tal of 683 head.

The yard­ing con­sisted of a good sup­ply of young cat­tle and there was a fair pen­ning of bul­locks and steers, how­ever cows were in limited sup­ply.

Qual­ity was mixed, al­though there were sev­eral pens of well-fin­ished year­ling cat­tle of­fered that were off-crop and sup­ple­men­tary fed.

There was also some good lines of well-bred year­ling steers and heifers that were suit­able for feeder and re­stocker buy­ers.

Com­pe­ti­tion was weaker with year­ling steers sell­ing 20c/kg cheaper and more in places.

The odd trade year­ling steer sold to 318c/kg.

Feeder and re­stocker steers ranged from 234–320c for lightweights, while medium-weight feeder steers un­der 400kg av­er­aged 289c/kg.

Year­ling heifers were back by 10 cents with trade heifers sell­ing to 298c, feeder and re­stocker heifers ranged from 242–298c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle con­sisted mainly of grown steers and cows, with only a few heifers of­fered.

There were sev­eral lots of bul­locks and steers off-crop and sup­ple­men­tary fed.

The mar­ket was down by seven–15 cents, the high­light of the sale was a pen of steers sell­ing to a top of 291c/kg to whole­salers.

The gen­eral run of steers ranged from 240–275c/kg.

Grown heifers sold up to 279c/kg.

The cow mar­ket was down by 20 cents, with medium and heavy­weight cows rang­ing from 180–206c/kg.

THE re­cent de­cline in prices re­duced the sup­ply of stock into the sa­le­yards by 31% and over­all qual­ity was mixed.

A fair panel of buy­ers was present and op­er­at­ing in a firm to cheaper mar­ket.

Re­stock­ers were se­lec­tive in their pur­chases of light­weight year­ling steers and av­er­age prices re­duced by 12c/kg.

How­ever the light­weight year­ling heifers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock went against this trend to im­prove in price in places.

Medium-weight year­ling steers to feed ex­pe­ri­enced strong de­mand and the heavy­weight year­ling steers to feed lost a fur­ther 4c/kg.

Medium-weight year­ling heifers to feed sold to a firm mar­ket. A small se­lec­tion of young heavy grown steers and bul­locks re­ceived very lit­tle change in price.

A large se­lec­tion of cows con­tin­ued to slip fur­ther in price, with the largest sam­ples 4–8c/kg cheaper.

Steer calves re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 380.2c, with heifer calves reach­ing 320.2c/kg.

A fairly large se­lec­tion of light­weight year­ling steers re­turned to the pad­dock at 331c, with sales to 358.2c/kg.

Medium-weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 314c and made to 322.2c, while the heavy­weights to feed mostly sold around 302c, with an iso­lated sale to 318c/kg.

Light­weight year­ling heifers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to the oc­ca­sional 310.2c, with a fair sam­ple av­er­ag­ing 292c/kg.

The bet­ter end of the medium-weight year­ling heifers to feed av­er­aged 280c and made to 292.2c and the lesse- qual­ity lines av­er­aged from 240–251c//kg.

Bul­locks made to 281.2c while full-mouth classes were in the largest num­bers and av­er­aged 243c, with some to 264.2c/kg.

Medium-weight two-score cows av­er­aged 191c and the best of the medium weights made to 210.2c to av­er­age 207c/kg.

Good heavy cows mostly sold around 211c, with the oc­ca­sional pen to 220c/kg.


STRONGER MAR­KET: The cat­tle mar­ket im­proved this week af­ter lower prices in pre­vi­ous sales. 243.2c/kg and weighed 780kg to re­turn $1896 a head. Store cat­tle steers were dearer up to 20c/kg, heifers 10–12c/kg dearer, with a larger gallery of buy­ers...

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