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The three Mackay mills com­bined to crush 227,942 tonnes of cane for week end­ing Au­gust 13. The only sig­nif­i­cant stops for the week were due to re­pairs to the pri­mary juice tank at Far­leigh and sched­uled main­te­nance stops for Mar­ian & Race­course mills. The to­tal cane crushed to date for the sea­son is 1,853,572 tonnes with a PRS of 12.02.

Crush statistics:

❚ Far­leigh: 75,078 tonnes

❚ Mar­ian: 87,244 tonnes

❚ Race­course: 65,620 tonnes

❚ To­tal Mackay Mills: 227,942 tonnes

❚ PRS for week: 13.88

❚ To­tal cane crushed to date: 1,853,572 tonnes

❚ PRS Av­er­age to date: 12.02

❚ 2017 Es­ti­mate: 5,200,000 tonnes Mossman:

Mossman Mill plant avail­abil­ity was below bud­get for Week 10 but weekly through­put was above tar­get. The fac­tory pro­cessed 42,728 tonnes of cane at an av­er­age crush­ing rate of 323 t/hr. Ma­jor down time for the week oc­curred with a 10-hour sched­uled main­te­nance day. Other down time was for a bagasse sys­tem choke, high speed el­e­va­tor choke, con­trol wiring fail­ure in the juice cir­cuit and a trip of the 6MW al­ter­na­tor. The pan stage has been rate lim­it­ing since switch­ing back to JB1 sugar pro­duc­tion from JA brand. The CCS con­tin­ues to be on bud­get while ex­pected ton­nages ap­pear to be drop­ping off slightly.

❚ To­tal for week: 42,728 tonnes

❚ CCS for week: 13.25

❚ To­tal cane crushed to date: 383,661 tonnes

❚ CCS av­er­age to date: 12.31

❚ 2017 crop es­ti­mate: 930,000 tonnes

❚ To­tal tonnes crushed by Mackay Sugar this week: 270,670 tonnes


THE weekly through­put of 50,308 tonnes was lower than bud­geted due to both planned and un­planned stops.

A choke in the shred­ded cane el­e­va­tor early on Mon­day morn­ing caused ex­ten­sive dam­age and re­sulted in about 17 hours of down­time.

This was fol­lowed by a planned stop on Wed­nes­day to per­form a sched­uled clean and re­place the master tur­bine gear­box on the shred­der. This stop was al­most 16 hours, but the new

gear­box has re­sulted in an im­prove­ment in the crush­ing rate. Av­er­age weekly CCS was 13.66, up from 13.33 the pre­vi­ous week. Bin weights have re­mained the same at 3.76 tonnes.

About 4700 tonnes of stan­dover with an av­er­age CCS of 11.22 units was crushed for the week.

The con­tin­u­ing dry weather is pro­vid­ing good har­vest­ing con­di­tions.

The high­est CCS recorded for the week was 16.60 from a rake of Q208 in the Dawlish Pro­duc­tiv­ity Dis­trict.

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