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A YARDING of 2905 head was pre­sented at Grace­mere last week, com­pris­ing of 1189 steers, 1150 heifers, 455 cows, 56 cows and calves and 55 bulls.

Cat­tle were drawn from ar­eas north to Bowen and Collinsville, Nebo and Mackay, along with all ar­eas to as far south as Theodore.

Along with a cou­ple of big­ger lines, there were a lot of smaller ven­dors rep­re­sented as every­one seems to be light­en­ing off num­bers due to the sea­son.

Buy­ers were de­pleted from past weeks and com­pe­ti­tion, al­though spir­ited at times, was mostly av­er­age and prices were re­duced ac­cord­ingly.


The Jones fam­ily, Theodore, sold No.6, santa cross steers to top at 316c/kg for 362kg to re­turn $1070/hd.

ST & VE Sharps, Delta, Marl­bor­ough. sold No.6 brah­man cross steers for 260c/kg, weigh­ing 404kg to re­turn $1051/hd.

Bella Graz­ing, Banana, sold bran­gus weaner steers for 346c/kg, weigh­ing 239kg to re­turn $828/hd.

GR & AE McFadzen, Sa­rina Range, sold drought­mas­ter weaner steers for 370c/kg, weigh­ing 179kg to re­turn $661/hd.

RHDG Trust, Bauhinia, sold 120 santa cross weaner heifers to top 248c/kg, weigh­ing 223kg to re­turn $550/hd.

Kevin Rus­sell, Dingo, sold heifers to top at 239c/kg, weigh­ing 593kg to re­turn $1419/hd.

H Woodard, Eidsvold, sold bran­gus cross cows and calves to top at $1225/hd.


THE EMER­ALD com­bined cat­tle sale saw a mixed-qual­ity yarding of al­most 800 head of­fered.

The cat­tle were drawn from all lo­cal ar­eas, with the dry con­di­tions re­ally start­ing to show its ef­fect on the cat­tle of­fered.

Qual­ity was very mixed and sup­ply of most de­scrip­tions was very limited com­pared to re­cent sales.

The on­go­ing dry con­di­tions cer­tainly re­duced the store cat­tle buy­ers gallery to­day, with most store cat­tle val­ues re­al­is­ing much cheaper rates than re­cent weeks.

All the usual meat­works op­er­a­tors were present and op­er­at­ing, with most prime cat­tle re­al­is­ing a firm to slightly dearer mar­ket.

Bul­locks more than 550kg topped at 258.2c/kg for an av­er­age of 252.2c/kg, 3c/kg dearer.

Feeder steers 400–500kg of very mixed qual­ity and sup­ply topped at 264.2c/kg to av­er­age 236.2c/kg.

Weaner steers topped at 361.2c/kg for light­weight EU ac­cred­ited steers, while weaner steers 200–280kg av­er­aged 307c/kg, down 30c/kg on the pre­vi­ous sale.

Heavy cows more than 520kg in short sup­ply reached 219.2c/kg for an av­er­age of 208c/kg and slightly dearer than pre­vi­ous sale.

Heifers 350–400kg topped at 253.2c/kg to av­er­age 246c/kg, 18c/kg cheaper.

Weaner heifers topped at 265.2c/kg, heifers 200–280kg av­er­aged 254c/kg, which was 20c/kg cheaper than last week.

Cows and calves topped at $1240/unit.


Ted and Gai Sypher, Veron­ica Downs, Capella, sold bran­gus weaner steers weigh­ing 225kg for 320.2c/kg to re­turn $720/head. Their weaner heifers topped the sale at 265.2c/kg, with their lead pen of heifers weigh­ing 206kg to make 260.2c/kg or $537/head.

John and Jan Smith, Birra­ban, Spring­sure, sold santa/an­gus steers weigh­ing 345kg for 258.2c/kg to re­turn $890/head. Their weaner heifers made 255c/kg, weigh­ing 266kg for $680/head.

Rob and Julie Crozier, Ry­dan, Ruby­vale, sold brah­man weaner steers for 292c/kg, weigh­ing 250kg to re­turn $730/head.

James Kadel Emer­ald, sold bran­gus bul­locks for 252c/kg, weigh­ing 754kg to re­turn $1900/head.

Rob Wil­ley, Win­der­mere, Capella, sold bran­gus cows for 219c/kg, weigh­ing 556kg to re­turn $1218/head.

Fred Peters, Grov­e­lea, Spring­sure, sold drought­mas­ter heifers weigh­ing 427kg for 249.2c/kg, re­turn­ing $1065/head.

WJ and LC Barnes, Emer­ald, sold drought­mas­ter feeder heifers weigh­ing 371kg for 249c/kg to re­turn $925/head. Their weaner heifers sold to 264c/kg, weigh­ing 237kg to re­turn $626/head.


CHAR­TERS Tow­ers com­bined agents yarded a to­tal of 2047 cat­tle con­sist­ing of 462 prime cat­tle and 1585 store cat­tle.

The prime cat­tle con­sisted of 65 bul­locks, 32 heifers, 272 cows and 93 bulls.

Store cat­tle con­sisted of 1218 steers, 358 heifers, five cows, and four cows and four calves.

Cat­tle com­prised of small lines of fin­ished cat­tle for slaugh­ter sup­ported 1585 store cat­tle.

The yarding was drawn from Bur­ke­town, Rich­mond, Hugh­en­den, Mt Gar­net, lo­cal and coastal ar­eas.

The con­di­tion of the cat­tle was good, the mar­ket eased in line with the sea­sonal con­di­tions wors­en­ing.

Bul­locks were quoted as 3–8 cents eas­ier, heifers were 4c eas­ier and cows were 2–5c eas­ier on last week’s rates. Bulls were 2–3c cheaper. Store quotes:

STORE cat­tle were pre­sented in much big­ger num­bers than pre­vi­ous weeks and were in good store con­di­tion.

Al­though there has been lack of rain in re­cent weeks, the mar­ket did im­prove 8–12c for all steers, re­flect­ing good lines of qual­ity cat­tle on of­fer, and heifers im­proved 7–11c.

A line of 362 steers on ac­count Ham­mer Graz­ing, Char­ters Tow­ers, av­er­aged 316c/kg at av­er­age weight 231kg to re­alise $732/head.

Morr Morr Pas­toral sold a line of 237 No.6 brah­man cross steers av­er­ag­ing 254kg, sell­ing to an av­er­age 299c/kg for $763/head.

A good pen of seven heifers on ac­count Wil­son and Co, For­sayth, made 268c/kg, weighed 250kg and re­turned a good av­er­age of $670/head.

Cows and calves were in­suf­fi­cient to quote.


Cat­tle are pushed through at the weekly Grace­mere sale at CQLX.

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