“They Laughed” when I said I was go­ing to Sell Ru­ral prod­ucts from my Farm!

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On my prop­erty I run about 100 head of cat­tle. It was dif­fi­cult to get good an­i­mal han­dling equip­ment for my cat­tle and im­pos­si­ble to get it at a rea­son­able price. You know the equip­ment I am talk­ing about, cat­tle pan­els, crushes, races, ramps, etc. It’s only pow­der coated steel, why does it cost so much when it rusts so quick!!! About 7 years ago I set up a steel fac­tory in China. This came about when I had a very big or­der for temp fenc­ing around build­ing sites. With this in mind I took off to China, my part­ner, Cameron, and I pro­ceeded to set up a small fac­tory to make tem­po­rary fenc­ing. Just 8 Chi­nese guys cut­ting tube and weld­ing. That leap of faith worked and the fac­tory took off. Today we have branded our prod­ucts un­der Brazzen and we have over 100 work­ers in our China fac­tory pro­duc­ing our fenc­ing and an­i­mal han­dling equip­ment, prod­ucts are shipped by the con­tain­ers world wide. But the best was a cou­ple of years ago I de­cided to get my fac­tory to make all the farm­ing equip­ment and send a cou­ple of con­tain­ers to my prop­erty. I was go­ing to give the Farm Shop guys in my area a run for their money, as we all knew they had been charg­ing too much for years. The first thing I did af­ter re­ceiv­ing my first two con­tain­ers was book in to our lo­cal field day. Gee, was that the right move. I think, just from that show I would have got or­ders right then on the spot for over $60,000 and the knock from it would have been another $100,000 in sub­se­quent sales. Since then I have not looked back, In the last year i have brought in 2 con­tain­ers a month, I call the lo­cal busi­ness Brazzen Sup­plies. I don’t have high over­heads, I op­er­ate from my own land and it is not even close to any main road. My of­fice is a con­tainer and I store all my smaller parts in another con­tainer. Farm­ers are happy to come from ev­ery­where to get value for their money and a bet­ter prod­uct. I be­lieve the best way to ex­pand Brazzen is to get more peo­ple who want to do what I do, but in their area. If you are liv­ing in a Farm­ing area, want some­thing ex­cit­ing to do, and would like to give the lo­cal Farm Stores a run for their money, please give us a call. Come to China and see our fac­tory if you’d like. We will point you in the right di­rec­tion ..... what to or­der, how to ad­ver­tise, and how to price your prod­ucts in your mar­ket. THEY LAUGHED WHEN I SAID I WAS GO­ING TO SELL FARM EQUIP­MENT FROM MY PROP­ERTY Never lis­ten to those who say it can’t be done, be­cause they told me that too, but ...LOOK WHO IS LAUGH­ING NOW! If you are in­ter­ested in be­com­ing a Brazzen Dealer

(Tony is Brazzens’ Owner, pic­tured)

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