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GRACEMERE agents penned 2366 head last Fri­day com­pris­ing of 959 steers, 928 heifers, 364 cows, 74 cows and calves and 41 bulls.

Cat­tle came from a large area of Queens­land, be­tween Woolooga in the south and as far north as Char­ters Tow­ers.

Qual­ity was gen­er­ally good, although there were some plain lines through the yard­ing.

A full field of buy­ers kept com­pe­ti­tion strong with prices re­main­ing close to last week’s sale.


Adrian Al­brand – Theodore, sold a run of drought­mas­ter cows top­ping at 252c/kg weigh­ing 495kg to re­turn $1243. They also sold drought­mas­ter weaner heifers top­ping at 328c/kg weigh­ing 225kg re­turn­ing $742/head.

Dun­phy Broth­ers – Go­gango, sold drought­mas­ter weaner steers to top at 398c/kg weigh­ing 260kg to re­turn $1035/head.

Lu­cas Cat­tle Co -Morin­ish, sold drought­mas­ter weaner steers to top at 390c/kg weigh­ing 225kg to re­turn $879.58. The steers av­er­aged 388c/kg weigh­ing 237kg to re­turn $917/head. They also sold drought­mas­ter weaner heifers to make 328c/kg weigh­ing 214kg to re­turn to $701 per head.

Cam John­son and Fam­ily sold bran­gus weaner steers to top at 382c/kg weigh­ing 249kg to re­turn $953/head.

John Shan­non – Marl­bor­ough, sold EU ac­cred­ited No7 brah­man cross steers 366c/kg weigh­ing 287kg to re­turn $1051/head.

PJ Stone – Bar­al­aba, sold No6 Euro cross steers for 292c/kg weigh­ing 412kg re­turn­ing $1205/head.


WITH 1400 head yarded last week, the com­bined Emer­ald agents put to­gether a much more con­sis­tent yard­ing in terms of qual­ity, with the ma­jor­ity of the cat­e­gories re­ceiv­ing an in­crease across the board.

Weaner heifers saw the most sig­nif­i­cant boost in price, while cows and feeder steers still recorded a slight in­crease after last week’s gains.

Bul­locks over 550kg topped at 290c/kg to av­er­age 267c/kg, heavy steers 500–550kg reached 278c/kg and av­er­aged 275c/kg, heavy heifers over 400kg made to 274c/kg to av­er­age 267c/kg, heavy cows over 520kg topped at 237c/kg and av­er­aged 232c/kg, 450–520kg cows made to 237c/kg to av­er­age 225c/kg, while heavy bulls over 600kg reached 273c/kg to av­er­age 254c/kg.

In the store sec­tion, heavy feeder steers 400–500kg topped at 305c/kg and av­er­aged 284c/kg, trade feeder steers 350–400kg reached 314c/kg and av­er­aged 297c/kg.

Back­grounder steers 280–350kg made to 354c/kg and av­er­aged 304c/kg, weaner steers 200–280kg sold to 354c/kg and av­er­aged 314c/kg, while light steers un­der 200kg are un­able to be quoted this week due to in­suf­fi­cient num­bers.

A sin­gle medium frame bran­gus cow with a two-month-old calf at foot made to $1060.


The Mckin­lay fam­ily, Ya­mala, con­signed char­bray cows which topped the over 520kg cow cat­e­gory reach­ing 237c/kg and av­er­aged 624kg to re­turn $1481.

The Stumer fam­ily of Capella of­fered char­bray heifers top­ping at 273c/kg to av­er­age 438kg or $1196.

The Pow­ell fam­ily of Mt Coolan also con­signed char­bray heifers that topped the 350–400kg heifer cat­e­gory reach­ing a price of 298c/kg av­er­ag­ing 385kg to re­turn $1150.

Leonie Cum­ming of Emer­ald sold drought­mas­ter heifers top­ping the 200–280kg heifer cat­e­gory reach­ing 339c/kg av­er­ag­ing 220kg and re­turn­ing $748.

The Prewett fam­ily of Emer­ald con­signed bran­gus steers that topped the 280–350kg steer cat­e­gory reach­ing 354c/kg to weigh 283kg and re­turn­ing $1004.

An­drew and An­gella Sch­warz of Fern­lees sold grain as­sisted No.6 meat­works heifers for 274c/kg weigh­ing 616kg or $1690, while the Sch­warz’s cows made to 235c/kg weigh­ing 568kg to re­turn $1337.

Lawrie and Hast­ings Hawkins of Spring­sure sold light feeder drought­mas­ter steers to 313c/kg to weigh 364kg or $1140.

Jack and Jenny John­son of Spring­sure sold santa cows to 233c/kg weigh­ing 595kg to re­turn $1390.

Des and Dianna Prid­dle of Rolle­ston con­signed No.6 drought­mas­ter steers top­ping at 311c/kg weigh­ing 367kg re­turn­ing $1142.

Vic­tor and Karen Rof­fey sold angus cross heifers to 321c/kg and weigh­ing 260kg re­turn­ing $835.

He­len Bell of Emer­ald of­fered drought­mas­ter cross bul­locks to a top of 268c/kg weigh­ing 659kg and re­turn­ing $1760.

John Roberts of Spring­sure con­signed bran­gus heifers reach­ing 260c/kg weigh­ing 480kg or $1252.

Alan Head­ing of Cler­mont sold brah­man feeder steers for 299c/kg to weigh 370kg and re­turn­ing $1103.

Mark and Wendy Tasker of Capella sold bran­gus weaner heifers weigh­ing 309kg which made 327c/kg re­turn­ing $1011.

TJ. Robert­son and fam­ily of Cler­mont sold Euro cross feeder steers weigh­ing 414kg mak­ing to 290c/kg to re­turn $1202.

Phillip and Sarah Bridge­man of Al­pha sold a line of charo­lais/brah­man cross weaned No.7 heifers to top the sale at 350c/kg to av­er­age 336c/kg.

Carinyah Graz­ing sold drought­mas­ter and charo­lais steers to av­er­age 296c/kg, weigh­ing 400kg and re­turn­ing $1187 per head.

Bre­ann Bul­ger sold a charo­lais steer for 295c/kg weigh­ing 441kg and mak­ing a re­turn of $1300.

BJ and KL Lowther of Capella, sold a gel­b­vieh cow for 235c/kg weigh­ing 550kg and re­turn­ing $1292.

Al­mafi Cat­tle of Dingo, sold drought­mas­ter heifers for 299c/kg weigh­ing 303kg and re­turn­ing $908 per head.

JR and LR Sin­gle­ton, Turon Downs, Mid­dle­mount, sold grain as­sisted brah­man steers for 278c/kg, weigh­ing 508kg and re­turn­ing $1414 per head.

M & C McCarthy of Emer­ald sold bran­gus cross heifers to 318c/kg weigh­ing 261kg or $831.


CHAR­TERS Tow­ers com­bined agents yarded a to­tal of 1617.

The prime cat­tle con­sisted of 150 bul­locks, 24 heifers, 354 cows and 80 bulls.

Store cat­tle yarded: 709 steers, 267 heifers, 33 cows and 25 cows and calves.

Cat­tle com­prised of mixed qual­ity lines, with few lines of fin­ished cows and bul­locks.

The yard­ing was drawn from Rich­mond, Green­vale, Clon­curry, Hugh­en­den, Ju­lia Creek, Croy­don, For­sayth, Mt Isa, Chilla­goe and lo­cal and coastal ar­eas.

PRIME QUOTES: Bul­locks were quoted five cents dearer, heifers were eight to 10 cents dearer and cows were 12–15 cents dearer on pre­vi­ous rates.

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