Mung­beans ‘safest bet’ for 2017–18


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as fallen across muc of t e tra­di­tional mun bean ro in ar­eas be in­nin t e process of soil mois­ture ac­cu­mu­la­tion for t e comin sea­son

it rea­son­able prospects of at least a era e rain­fall o er t e ne t t ree mont s man ro ers are er li el to em­brace t e op­por­tu­nit to plant a lar e area of sum­mer crop es­pe­ciall in ar­eas suc as t e i er­pool lains ort est and t e ar­lin o ns

un bean and sor um are li el to com­pete stron l for plantin area e de­ci­sion for man ro ers ill be o muc land to al­lo­cate to plant mun bean in ebruar rices for mac ine dressed mun bean re­main at­tracti e and are e pected to be in t e icinit of


e mun bean ro in sea­son pre­sented ro ers and mar eters it man c allen es to ualit and suppl es­pe­ciall it t e earl sea­son crop ic

as badl af­fected b ot dr con­di­tions clone ebbie t en dec­i­mated crops in some ar­eas brin in to­tal pro­duc­tion do n b about per cent on t e more fa ourable mun bean sea­son in ic

ualit as also en­er­all muc i er e later sum­mer planted crop ben­e­fit­ted from

clone ebbie s rain and en­er­all pro­duced crops it i er ield and bet­ter ualit mun beans

it se eral ne coun­tries suc as ra il out frica and be is­tan no en­terin t e lobal mun bean mar et to com­pete it tra­di­tional sup­pli­ers suc as ina

an­mar ndone­sia and r entina means us­tralia ill need to main­tain its rep­u­ta­tion as a con­sis­tent sup­plier of

ualit mun beans lar er t an mm in si e ese ne pla ers and t e si e and

ualit of crops ro n in eac countr ill im­pact on t e

lobal price and t e pre­mium t at ma be paid for t e i ualit us­tralian prod­uct

p oldin us­tralia s i ualit stan­dards and ari­etal inte rit is es­sen­tial to a oid price de ra­da­tion and con­tinue to at­tract ood pre­mi­ums



sso­ci­a­tion is proud to com­mer­cialise t e lat­est ariet re­leased from t e ational un bean mpro ement ro ram a ne blac ram ariet named n lac ram Vigna mungo is a close re­lati e to reen mun bean Vigna ra­di­ata but it a blac seed coat and ite er­nel t as dis­tinctl dif­fer­ent bi­olo pro­duc­tion and mar ets to reen mun bean ntil no e ur as been t e onl blac ram ariet a ail­able for us­tralian ro ers to ac­cess t is nic e mar et n is a di­rect re­place­ment for e ur and in a lim­ited num­ber of tri­als in sout ern ueens­land it as been on a era e i er ieldin t an e ur t is ell suited to t e same ar­eas ere e ur as been pro­duced suc­cess­full on t e ar­lin o ns nort ern e out ales and i er­pool lains n as not been e alu­ated in cen­tral ueens­land lac ram is en­er­all con­sid­ered more dif­fi­cult to ro t an reen mun bean n as sim­i­lar plant t pe and re uires sim­i­lar mana ement to e ur and is rec­om­mended to e pe­ri­enced blac ram ro ers i e all t e cur­rent ari­eties of reen mun bean n is also pro­tected un­der lant reeder s i ts le is­la­tion ro ers can onl re­tain seed from t eir pro­duc­tion of n for t eir o n use seed ro alt ic in­cludes breeder ro al­ties ap­plies at t e point of sale is ro alt con­trib­utes di­rectl to t e ational un bean mpro ement ro ram and is re in ested in re­searc to de elop fu­ture mun bean ari­eties e ational un bean mpro ement ro ram is a co in est­ment of ueens­land epart­ment of ri­cul­ture and is eries and t e rains es­earc and e el­op­ment or­po­ra­tion us­tralian un bean sso­ci­a­tion seed com­mit­tee con enor eoff irc said t e t ou­sand ro alt c e ue re­centl pre­sented to and t e as tes­ti­mon to t e ef­fecti eness of t e ational un bean mpro ement ro ram ic as been deli erin ne mun bean ari­eties to meet t e needs of t e in­dustr r irc said t ere are ood sup­plies of t e main reen mun bean ari­eties ade r stal atin and el­era a ail­able to ro ers for te sea­son and en­coura ed ro ers to ar­ran e t eir seed fer­tiliser and crop pro­tec­tion prod­ucts earl e seed price for t ese ari­eties re­mains unc an ed from t e last t o sea­sons

oo for t e clearl la­belled ba s of ppro ed eed from ap­pro ed re­sellers is seed as been ar ested from ded­i­cated seed crops t at

a e been in­spected to en­sure min­i­mal ris of seed borne dis­eases suc as tan spot and

alo bli t and con­tam­i­nants suc as eed seeds

ol ou las enior lant reeder c midt in­spect a trial plantin of n left and near res­i­dent in aro ar

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