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A SMALLER yard­ing of 2410 head pre­sented at Gracemere, 615 fewer head than last week. It was a good qual­ity of­fer­ing, drawn mainly from lo­cal ar­eas, to­gether with drafts from Al­pha, Collinsville and Bowen.

Con­di­tion is still de­creas­ing each week, with an in­creas­ing num­ber of light con­di­tioned cat­tle on of­fer. Prices eased for most de­scrip­tions, although light cows had an in­creas­ing trend as pro­ces­sors com­peted to fill trim or­ders. A very mixed of­fer­ing of year­ling heifers saw sales to 240c, with the bet­ter types av­er­ag­ing from 226–231c/kg. Heavy grown steers to feed topped at 270c, with pro­ces­sors pay­ing to 275c/kg for their best. A few prime four score grown heifers to the trade topped at 270c/kg. Plain, light cows sold strongly to 197c, av­er­ag­ing 184c/kg. Heavy four score cows reached 236c to av­er­age 232c/kg. Heavy bulls av­er­aged 229c, reach­ing a top of 239c/kg. Good to av­er­age qual­ity cows and calves sold from $850–$1060/unit.


A YARD­ING of 2172 cat­tle were drawn by Char­ters Tow­ers com­bined sell­ing agents, fea­tur­ing sev­eral north­ern lines of bul­locks, cows and grown steers. Most cat­e­gories im­proved on last sale, with ex­port bul­locks lift­ing 8c and heavy cows im­prov­ing by more than 10c/kg, par­tic­u­larly bet­ter yield­ing pens. Two pro­ces­sors did not op­er­ate, how­ever the re­main­ing reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors, two live ex­porters and reg­u­lar feeder buy­ers op­er­ated, with se­lec­tive sup­port from cau­tious re­stock­ers and back­grounders. Cat­tle were drawn from Mt Isa, Bur­ke­town, Clon­curry, Rich­mond, Ge­orge­town, Green­vale, Ravenswood, lo­cal and coastal area.

Heavy ex­port bul­lock sup­ply de­creased, how­ever there were some very good qual­ity lo­cal lines at­tract­ing strong de­mand, im­prov­ing by up to 8c/kg on the pre­vi­ous week. Pro­ces­sors se­cured heavy four score ex­port bul­locks to 270c to av­er­age 267c, while three scores sold to 274c to av­er­age 269c/kg. Plainer D mus­cled heavy bul­locks sold to 263c to av­er­age 231c, while plainer types to feed des­tined for live ex­port sold to 220c to av­er­age 205c/kg. Suit­able heavy grown steers to live ex­port sold to 264c mul­ti­ple times and plainer types to feed des­tined for live ex­port sold to 245c to av­er­age 228c/kg. Heavy grown steers to feed sold to 237c and medium weight feed­ers to 245c/kg.


THE yard­ing at Emer­ald was 1422 head – down 210 on last week. Cat­tle were drawn from the lo­cal ar­eas along with a draft from Clon­curry. Over­all qual­ity was good although com­pe­ti­tion was sub­dued and prices for many de­scrip­tions eased on pre­vi­ous sales. A run of mixed sex calves av­er­aged 219.5c with the best steers mak­ing to 248c/kg. Vealer steers topped at 251c, av­er­ag­ing 239c/kg. Vealer heifers to slaugh­ter av­er­aged 208c with re­stock­ers pay­ing 200c/kg. Four score grown heifers to the trade av­er­aged 248c and topped at 257c/kg. Four score cows gained a lit­tle on last sale to av­er­age

234c/kg for the heavy weights. Heavy bulls to pro­ces­sors av­er­aged 228c/kg.


BUL­LOCKS over 600kg sold to 290c. Trade bul­locks 500–600kg sold to 294c, up 7c from last sale and cows over 500kg sold to 258c, up 21c. Cows 400–500kg sold to 245c, up 19c. Feeder steers 400–500kg sold to a top of 280c, up 6c, while steers 300–400kg sold to 277c, firm on last sale. Steers 200– 300kg sold to 285c, down 3c on last fort­night. Heifers 300–400kg sold for 262c, up 12c, and heifers 200–300kg sold to 262c, up 30c.

Four and six tooth santa cross bul­locks from Wan­doan sold for 290c/$1799. Bran­gus bul­locks from Mt Perry sold for 286c/$1844. Two to six tooth brah­man bul­locks from Childers sold for 294c/$1492. Four and six tooth cross­bred bul­locks from Bund­aberg sold for 288c/$1671. Char­bray cross cows from Gin Gin sold for 245c/$1164. Brah­man cows from Her­vey Bay sold for 243c/$1246. Drought­mas­ter cross cows from Gayn­dah sold for 243c/$1438. Brah­man cross cows from Mun­dub­bera sold for 243c/$1225. Six tooth heifers from Manum­bar sold for 275c/$1596. Milk tooth char­bray cross heifers from Her­vey Bay sold for 281c/$1412.

Four tooth brah­man cross steers from Mor­ganville sold from 280c/$1396. Milk and two tooth santa cross steers from Wan­doan sold for 273c/$1260. Two to four tooth steers from Childers sold for 272c/$1292.


IN THE YARDS: Rory and Michael De­laney from Childers with a pen of their two to six tooth brah­man bul­locks. The pen sold for 294.2c/kg or $1492/head.

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