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1 What type of verse did Ed­ward Lear pop­u­larise in his 1846 Book of Non­sense? (8) 7 What does the “i” stand for in the acro­nym BRIC? (5) 8 Eu­gene Cer­nan was the lat­est per­son to walk where? (2,3,4) 9 What plant is a Hed­era Helix? (3) 10 Which Greek nymph was only able to re­peat what oth­ers had said? (4) 11 What is the largest bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Par­lia­ment in Lon­don called? (3,3) 13/14 Don­ald Sin­clair, a Torquay ho­tel owner, in­spired which tele­vi­sion gem? (7,6) 17 Eggs can quickly tar­nish which pre­cious me­tal? (6) 18 What, on sparkling wine, means “very dry”? (4) 20 How many acres are there in a square fur­long? (3) 22 Who stud­ies the anatomy and dis­eases of the ear? (9) 23/24 Who cre­ated the gorm­less Mr Bean? (5,8)


1 What word can pre­cede end, head and can­non? (5) 2 What is the ¿rst Gospel in the 1ew Tes­ta­ment? (7) 3 What is the mon­e­tary unit of Cam­bo­dia? (4) 4 Which great com­poser was born in Ze­la­zowa Wola, near War­saw? (6) 5 Buzz Aldrin legally changed his ¿rst name to Buzz from what in 1988? (5) 6 An­cient Egyp­tians pre­pared writ­ing ma­te­rial from what plant? (7) 7 What ab­stract patch is viewed in the Rorschach test? (7) 12 Which blue cheese is Bri­tain’s best-known? (7) 13 Which beer brand was cre­ated by two Ir­ish-Amer­i­can brothers who ar­rived in Mel­bourne in 1886? (7) 15 Which in­sects of­ten hide in dahlia Àow­ers? (7) 16 What is a writ­ten state­ment on the progress and achieve­ments of a school pupil? (6) 17 What is the name of Tintin’s dog? (5) 19 What is the largest moon of Saturn? (5) 21 Which great desert did Marco Polo cross in about 1275? (4)

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