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MATING sea­son has be­gun and Cen­tral High­lands will have more fre­quent snake sight­ings.

Lo­cal snake catcher Shane Bai­ley says snakes will be a lot more ac­tive in the com­ing months as they come out of win­ter.

“Spring time is mating sea­son for snakes and that’s what makes this the busy sea­son,” he said.

“They will be on the move, par­tic­u­larly males who will be fol­low­ing the scent of fe­males.”

The most com­mon snake found in Emer­ald is the Eastern Brown, al­though Shane said they won’t de­fend them­selves un­less they feel threat­ened.

“Snakes are nat­u­rally ex­tremely nervous, al­though they won’t at­tack you un­less you at­tack them,” he said.

As the heat rises, Shane warns that snakes could also ven­ture in­side to es­cape the heat and there are sim­ple steps that can be taken to avoid dan­ger.

“If it’s found in a room, close the door and put a wet towel un­der the door to keep it se­cure,” he said.

“Re­move your pets from the area and call a snake catcher.

“Knowl­edge is power, the more you ed­u­cate your­self, the more you can deal with a snake sit­u­a­tion.”

It is im­por­tant to be aware of snakes, es­pe­cially if pets are in the yard.

An Aus­tralian sur­vey es­ti­mated that over 6200 cases of snakebite are pre­sented to ve­teri­nar­i­ans ev­ery year.

Mara­boon Veti­nary Surgery’s Dr An­gela Suther­land said that pets are most com­monly bit­ten by snakes be­cause they are cu­ri­ous.

“The sooner your pet is treated for snake bite, the bet­ter their chances of sur­vival,” she said.

“Com­mon signs of snake bite are di­lated pupils, weak­ness in the back legs, paral­y­sis, col­laps­ing, sali­va­tion and vom­it­ing.

“Your pets re­ac­tion to a snake bite will vary de­pend­ing on the type of snake, the amount of venom in­jected and the site of the bite.

“If you sus­pect your pet has been bit­ten by a snake keep them as quiet as pos­si­ble and get them to the vet im­me­di­ately.”


SNAKE ALERT: Emer­ald snake catcher Shane Bai­ley warns the rep­tiles will be on the move.

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