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Re­duced yard­ings, sales can­celled, all due to the re­cent wet weather


A con­sid­er­ably smaller yard­ing due to cur­rent iso­lated storms across most eastern parts of the state re­sulted in Char­ters Tow­ers Com­bined Sell­ing Agents pre­sent­ing 716 cat­tle, 669 fewer than last sale.

Prime cat­tle were of very mixed qual­ity, with iso­lated pens of well-fin­ished types and sev­eral small lines show­ing the ef­fects of the sea­son.

Two reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors were ab­sent, with the smaller prime of­fer­ing shared be­tween those in at­ten­dance, while one live ex­porter, op­por­tu­nity feeder buy­ers and re­stock­ers com­peted for the store cat­tle.

Cat­tle were drawn from Ju­lia Creek, Pent­land, Ing­ham, Ayr, Wood­stock, lo­cal and coastal ar­eas.

Vealer steers were in short sup­ply and the plainer of­fer­ing met mixed de­mand sell­ing at sim­i­lar prices to last sale, top­ping at 359c/kg.

A smaller num­ber of mixed qual­ity year­ling steers were gen­er­ally 10c lower due to the of­fer­ing, with feeder steers to live ex­port sell­ing to 287c and av­er­ag­ing 284c/kg.

Steers re­turn­ing to grass sold to 317c for lighter types, with most sell­ing from 274c to 295c/kg.

A very good qual­ity line of grown steers met se­lect com­pe­ti­tion, heavy steers above 400kg sold to 266c to live ex­port, with feeder weights to 274c, and sim­i­lar steers re­turned to grass for 258c/kg.

A small num­ber of vealer heifers re­turn­ing to grass av­er­aged 10c lower, sell­ing to 278c/kg, with one line fail­ing to meet ven­dor’s re­serve.

Year­ling heifers were also in short sup­ply, with very mixed qual­ity gen­er­ally lower and those re­turn­ing to grass sell­ing to 240c/kg.

A small num­ber sold to live ex­port, mak­ing to 274c/kg. Some good qual­ity heavy grown heifers re­turn­ing to grass sold to 264c, with feeder weights also des­tined for grass sold to 243c/kg.

A line of PTIC heifers also failed to meet ven­dor’s re­serve.

A mixed of­fer­ing of bul­locks was gen­er­ally 1c to 3c lower, with one good line of heavy C3 bul­locks to slaugh­ter top­ping at 259c, and lesser qual­ity types to feed sell­ing to 255c, to av­er­age 225c/kg.

Cows were of very mixed qual­ity and weight, with only a small num­ber of heavy slaugh­ter cows.

Heavy C mus­cled 3 score cows lifted by 6c to make 212c, while D mus­cled types sold to 200c, to av­er­age 197c/kg.

Re­stock­ers were ac­tive on lighter cows lift­ing prices by 25c on last sale, to 190c, and light cows to slaugh­ter sold to 155c/kg.

A small of­fer­ing of bulls was also of mixed qual­ity with heavy bulls to slaugh­ter sell­ing to 242c, and sim­i­lar types to feed sell­ing to 240c/kg.

Lighter bulls to re­stock­ers sold to 312c, to av­er­age 298c/kg.

A small num­ber of cows and calves sold to $1110/unit.


No sale last week due to rain.


There was a small in­crease in num­bers, how­ever, fur­ther rain kept the num­bers low. Young cat­tle made up the bulk of the of­fer­ing.

Crop and sup­ple­men­tary-fed cat­tle were well supplied in both the young cat­tle and heavy grown steers.

Over­all the qual­ity was fair to good with some well-bred lines of young cat­tle suit­able to re­stock and feed pre­sented.

The con­di­tion of most of the crop and sup­ple­men­tary-fed cat­tle was suit­able to the trade.

Re­stocker de­mand was high and com­pe­ti­tion strong for light-weight cat­tle.

The lim­ited sup­ply of weaner and year­ling steers showed sig­nif­i­cant price im­prove­ment.

The medium and heavy year­ling steers to re­stock and feed saw a firm to slightly dearer mar­ket trend, with the medium weights up to 8c/kg dearer.

Year­ling heifers suit­able to feed for the do­mes­tic trade mar­ket sold to dearer trends, im­prov­ing by as much as 18c/kg.

There were few but qual­ity re­lated price changes for year­lings suit­able to the trade.

Well-fin­ished heavy grown steers, most of which were sup­ple­men­tary fed, sold to a slightly dearer trend with qual­ity con­tribut­ing.

Grown heifers were also slightly dearer. There was lit­tle change in the mar­ket trend for cows to process, how­ever, there was an im­prove­ment in qual­ity through the heavy weights that con­trib­uted to some dearer prices.


There was a yard­ing of 2276 cat­tle to­day at Roma Store, down 830 head on last week.

Equal num­bers of heifers and steers were pre­sented and 260 cows were penned.

Qual­ity was gen­er­ally good, not all buy­ers were in at­ten­dance, how­ever, rep­re­sen­ta­tives were pur­chas­ing on be­half of the ab­sent.

The rain has held the mar­ket strong as sup­ply and de­mand has its way yet again.

Mixed sex calves less than 200kg made to 392c/kg.

Year­ling steers made to 410c to av­er­age 338c/kg.

Year­ling heifers made to 390c to av­er­age 306c/kg.

Trade steers made to 370c to av­er­age 297c and trade heifers made to 390c to av­er­age 306c/kg with some qual­ity heifers head­ing back to the re­stock­ers.

Grown steers made to 276c to av­er­age 263c and grown heifers made to 290c to av­er­age 262c/kg.

Cows made to a top of 255c to av­er­age 226c/kg.

Light bulls topped at 342c to av­er­age 288c and heavy bulls made to 256c to av­er­age 240c/kg.

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