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Across 1 Which fa­mous make of car was named af­ter rac­ing driver Emil Jellinek’s daugh­ter? (8) 7 Which brand of cig­a­rettes, new in 1913, con­tained a blend of Turk­ish and US to­bacco? (5) 8 What is the largest repub­lic of Cen­tral Amer­ica? (9) 9 What flex­i­ble pole is used for fish­ing? (3) 10 What is the high­est point of a tri­an­gle? (4) 11 Which Greek is­land is the leg­endary home of Odysseus? (6) 13 What spiced drink of hot milk cur­dled with beer was for­merly used as a rem­edy for colds? (6) 14 What is a sig­nal fire lit on a hill? (6) 17 Which water sport in­volves crews of 2,4,or 8 peo­ple? (6) 18 What crea­ture is a characin? (4) 20 What ta­per­ing stick is used in bil­liards? (3) 22 Which 1945 film won an Os­car for the song “It Might as Well Be Spring”? (5,4) 23/24 Which Os­car-win­ning star of many west­ern films is al­ler­gic to horses? (5,8) Down 1 Which so­ci­ety for bright peo­ple was founded in 1946? (5) 2 What disease is caused by vi­ta­min D de­fi­ciency? (7) 3 Which Bri­tish no­ble­man ranks im­me­di­ately above a vis­count? (4) 4 Ac­tor Ge­orge Burns won his first Os­car at what age? (6) 5 What is the dark­est part of a shadow? (5) 6 Which 1992 film won an Os­car for the song “A Whole New World”? (7) 7 In 1973, Liza Min­nelli won an Os­car for her part in which film? (7) 12 What is the south­ern­most city in con­ti­nen­tal US? (3,4) 13 What is In­dia’s na­tional bird? (7) 15 In 2003, Cather­ine Zeta-Jones won an Os­car for her part in which film? (7) 16 Which Turk­ish city was called An­gora un­til 1930? (6) 17 What sticky flammable sub­stance is ex­uded by pine trees? (5) 19 Four rulers of an­cient Pales­tine had what name? (5) 21 Leeds Cas­tle is in which county in Eng­land? (4)

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