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Across 1 Who is tra­di­tion­ally re­garded as the fa­ther of medicine? (11) 8 Which el­e­ment is es­sen­tial for healthy teeth and bones? (7) 9 What re­placed silk for mak­ing para­chutes? (5) 10 From which direc­tion does the sun rise? (4) 11 What low up­hol­stered seat also serves as a lid­ded box? (7) 12 Which snooker ball scores one point? (3) 13 What word mean­ing ex­ces­sively sen­ti­men­tal or pretty came from af­fected pro­nun­ci­a­tion of sweet? (4) 15 What is the mone­tary unit of South Africa? (4) 17 What is the low-pres­sure cen­tre of a tor­nado? (3) 19 The Aus­tralian species of which bird has the long­est beak in the world? (7) 20 What is a small sup­port for ceramic ware in a kiln? (4) 23 What on mu­sic in­di­cates “in a slow tempo and dig­ni­fied in style”? (5) 24 In which north­ern coun­try was it once il­le­gal to own a pet dog? (7) 25 What is some­one who dis­likes hu­mankind? (11) Down 1 In what team sport have Aus­tralia’s women won Olympic gold three times? (6) 2 What plants line Sun­set Boule­vard in Bev­erly Hills? (5) 3 Colum­bus is the cap­i­tal of which US state? (4) 4 What pushes a charge into a muz­zle-load­ing gun? (6) 5 What medicine is made by dissolving a drug in al­co­hol? (8) 6 Which king of Is­rael was renowned for great wis­dom? (7) 7 What is the most eaten fruit in the US? (6) 12 Which or­gan­i­sa­tion’s sym­bol is the re­verse of the Swiss flag? (3,5) 14 What ear­lier name for tung­sten gave it its sym­bol W? (7) 16 Which space pro­gramme was de­layed when three as­tro­nauts died in 1967? (6) 17 What is the low­est rank of of­fi­cer in the US navy? (6) 18 What is the head­gear used to con­trol a horse? (6) 21 Bar­tolomeo Cristo­fori is gen­er­ally cred­ited with in­vent­ing which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment? (5) 22 What word is re­peated ten times in the cho­rus of the Bea­tles’ “She Love You”? (4)

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