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Across 7 Which acid is formed in sour milk? (6) 8 Which sys­tem of com­bat means “empty hand” in Ja­panese? (6)

10 What women’s loose cloak was worn from the late 17th Cen­tury? (7)

11 What wildlife pest is the Mustela er­minea? (5) 12 What was lex­i­cog­ra­pher Web­ster’s first name? (4)

13 What is an of­fi­cial or­der or procla­ma­tion? (5) 17 What light­weight wood is pop­u­lar with mod­ellers? (5)

18 What is a tower or pit to store grain? (4) 22 Stradi­vari, Guarneri and which other Cre­mona fam­ily were renowned vi­o­lin mak­ers? (5)

23 What is a word or phrase formed by re­ar­rang­ing the let­ters of an­other? (7)

24/25 Who was the first ever singer to re­lease a Great­est Hits al­bum, in the charts for 9½ years from 1958? (6,6) Down 1 What do Amer­i­cans call main­te­nance paid to a for­mer spouse? (7)

2 Which 1989 film de­picts the Pro­fumo Af­fair? (7) 3 Which north­ern sea duck is val­ued for its soft feath­ers? (5)

4 What cush­ion is kneeled on in church? (7) 5 Elvis Pres­ley’s es­tate has de­creed that his mid­dle name should be spelt how? (5)

6 What are pro­jec­tions on a cog­wheel? (5) 9 Which par­lia­ment of Ger­many suc­ceeded the Re­ich­stag? (9)

14 Which writer had a son named Christo­pher Robin? (1,1,5)

15 What form of gov­ern­ment has two joint rulers? (7)

16 What was Tai­wan for­merly called? (7)

19 What in­stru­ment is the forte of Emily Ro­bi­son of the Dixie Chicks? (5)

20 Which French com­pany led the film-mak­ing world in the early 1900s? (5)

21 Which ele­phant is the cen­tral char­ac­ter of books by Jean de Brun­hoff? (5)

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