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THERE was an in­crease of 186 head in the yard­ing at CQLX Grace­mere, with 1844 of­fered.

Mixed sex calves to re­stock­ers av­er­aged 224–239c, with the best male calves mak­ing to 252c/kg.

Veal­ers steers sold to 280c on oc­ca­sions to record 262c/kg av­er­age for the best bred lines.

Vealer heifers saw aver­ages of 211c for bet­ter bred lines and from 179–194c/kg for plain runs.

A large run of light con­di­tioned, HGP treated year­ling steers sold to a top of 266c to re­turn a very re­spectable av­er­age of 252c/kg.

The best bred year­ling steers oth­er­wise topped at 282c to av­er­age from 263–267c/kg.

Year­ling heifers sold to 248c and re­turned aver­ages from 226–228c/kg for the best.

There was a rare sale at 248c for grown heifers, with most to the trade av­er­ag­ing 227c/kg.

Very light con­di­tioned cows to re­stock­ers av­er­aged from 126–153c while heavy four score cows im­proved again to av­er­age 224c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to a top of 237c and av­er­aged 230c/kg.

Good av­er­age qual­ity cows and calves made from $940–$1240/unit.


CHAR­TERS Tow­ers Com­bined Agents yarded a to­tal of 1539 cat­tle, con­sist­ing of 874 prime cat­tle and 665 store cat­tle.

The prime cat­tle con­sisted of 295 bul­locks, 54 heifers, 499 cows and 76 bulls.

The store cat­tle con­sisted of 205 steers, 309 mick­eys, 143 heifers and eight cows and calves.

Bul­locks topped at 264.2c/kg for 12 head sold on a/c Mickan Pas­toral Co which weighed 484kg to re­turn $1278 per head.

Best priced trade heifers were pre­sented on a/c SA and KL Wheeler which made 257.2c/kg and weighed 503kg to re­turn $1294 per head.

Store cat­tle were made up of good lines of lo­cal steers and also a larger line of north­ern males and a mixed yard­ing of store heifers.


EMER­ALD ven­dors yarded 1420 head – 80 less than last sale.

Male calves to re­stock­ers av­er­aged 267c, reach­ing a top of 271c/kg.

Vealer steers reached 284c to also av­er­age 267c/kg.

Vealer heifers av­er­aged 212c mak­ing to 221c/kg for the bet­ter bred lots.

Year­ling steers in the bet­ter bred pens reached 268c/kg.

Year­ling heifers sold from 210–221c/kg, with most go­ing to feed.

Four-score bul­locks im­proved, reach­ing a top of 286c to av­er­age 272c/kg.

Heavy four-score cows sold to 242c to av­er­age 232c/kg.

Grown heifers went to the trade av­er­ag­ing 221c and heavy bulls av­er­aged 228c/kg to be a lit­tle stronger than last sale.


BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s Meat­works and Store Sale saw a yard­ing of 844 head.

Trade bul­locks 500–600kg sold to 287c, down 1c from last sale, and cows over 500kg sold to 237c – up 9c.

Cows 400–500kg sold to 226c, up 10c.

Feeder steers 400–500kg sold to a top of 274c, back 7c, while steers 300–400kg sold to 277c, up 4c.

Steers 200–300kg sold to 288c, 10c stronger.

Heifers 300–400kg sold for 250c, up 3c, and heifers 200–300kg sold to 232c, down 34c.

Drought­mas­ter cross cows from Biggen­den sold for 237c/$1316.

Braford cows from Lowmead sold for 229c/$1172. Braford cross cows from Childers sold for 233c/$1241.

Bran­gus weaner steers from Wallav­ille sold for 271c/$804.

Drought­mas­ter weaner steers from Byrnestown sold for 288c/$655.


MONTO All Breeds Bull Sale av­er­aged $4640, with 66 of the 80 bulls sell­ing in a solid re­sult for Monto agents Monto Cat­tle and Coun­try.

Lot 11 Glen­lea Mus­cle­man (P) ac­count Rod­er­ick Binny, Glen­lea Charo­lais, topped at $8000 and sold to Bruce and Sue Mikkelsen, Wiluna Char­brays, Yan­daran.

The Glen­lea draft of 13 bulls sold to strong com­pe­ti­tion for the qual­ity draft of polled charo­lais bulls.

Also sell­ing to $8000 was Watal­gan Chair­man, which went to Charl­ton and Tammy Doblo, Eden, Na­goorin.

Top­ping the sale aver­ages was the Din­gle fam­ily’s Red­line Bran­gus Bulls with five red bran­gus av­er­ag­ing $6450, with Liveringa Sta­tion, West­ern Aus­tralia, pur­chas­ing two bulls for $7000 through Rick Ford.

Len Gibbs, Muan, sold three red brahman bulls to av­er­age $7166 top­ping at $7500 twice.

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