Colum­nist sparks de­bate over child choice

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WEEK­END’S Daddy-O colum­nist Owen Jac­ques ig­nited a de­bate on so­cial me­dia over his last col­umn on the in­creas­ing num­ber of peo­ple who choose not to have chil­dren – and what some of them call par­ents.

He says par­ents do not care if child-free peo­ple call those with chil­dren “dad­diots” or “mom­bies” (fa­thers who are id­iots and mums who turn into zom­bies af­ter spend­ing too much time with chil­dren and not other adults).

Here is what some of you had to say. To be part of the con­ver­sa­tion, head to our web­site and look for our stories un­der the life­style sec­tion.

Craig Ritchie: I don’t hate them at all but I can’t stand them when they let their lit­tle dar­lings run riot in restau­rants, air­craft long dis­tance flights, cruise ships etc etc. That said most par­ents are pretty good it’s the soft par­ents that are the prob­lem...

Re­bekah Caust: I’m a ‘breeder’ if you will. Peo­ple who choose to be child­less, good for them. Per­son­ally, I will try to raise my chil­dren to be re­spect­ful and valu­able mem­bers of so­ci­ety. I hope that I can raise them with enough com­pas­sion and heart that they can care for those who chose not to ‘breed’ when they come in to old age with no chil­dren of their own to care for them.

Be thank­ful for to­days breed­ers who’s chil­dren will likely be wip­ing your butt in an old age home one day. I sin­cerely hope that your lives are full and happy.

Nez HS: The dumb­est peo­ple are hav­ing the most kids – that’s the big worry.

Amy Rose: I say good on the peo­ple who don’t have chil­dren, there are enough peo­ple in the world and if you don’t want that life­style that’s your choice. I do find that a lot of chil­dren I come across have no dis­ci­pline or re­spect and the par­ents al­low them to run around, scream and chuck tantrums and when they do they get treated with lol­lies or a toy be­cause they can’t be both­ered and that is some­how the only way to ‘calm them’! Soon to be­come spoilt brats!

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