Keep count when cater­ing for par­ties

Why go to a lot of trou­ble when you can pass the buck and hand over a few bucks?

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I’M NOT sure whether I’m a ge­nius or the worst par­ent ever. I may have just stum­bled across the eas­i­est birthday party to put to­gether with­out hav­ing to raise more than my arm to reach my wal­let to grab a few small notes.

Miss Three is about to turn four. Last year she had a big party. I mean huge. Her first ‘proper’ party with ev­ery­one she knew in­vited. I paid through the nose for a party host dressed as Cap­tain Amer­ica and served up tables of food to keep the bored par­ents oc­cu­pied. And she loved it.

This year as her birthday drew closer, I laid the foun­da­tion for her to un­der­stand this year’s birthday wouldn’t be like last year’s. Af­ter a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I man­aged to work out all she re­ally cared about this year was cup­cakes, bal­loons and pass the par­cel. Done. But even bet­ter, I didn’t have to do it, her kin­der­garten would. Miss Three’s birthday falls on a kinder day this year. Nearly ev­ery­one she wants to in­vite will be with her all day, so I don’t see the need to bun­dle them all up and take them home with me for a crazy cou­ple of hours.

In­stead, I put on my best smile and po­litely asked her kinder teacher if they would mind if I brought in cup­cakes for Miss Three’s birthday. “No of course not,” was the an­swer.

This was ex­pected, but the next an­swer was not.

“And she just loves pass the par­cel. Would you mind if I made one up and brought it in for her to play with all of her friends?” I asked. “No of course not, we can do that.”

Wow. Had I re­ally just got away with palm­ing my daugh­ter’s party off to her kin­der­garten? Was I okay with that? Did it make me a bad par­ent or a bloody bril­liant one? Would Miss Three care? All of the above raced through my mind in the blink of a sec­ond be­fore I said “Won­der­ful, how many kids do I need to cater for on that day?”

“22,” came the re­ply. “You bet­ter make it 23 in case.” Turns out the joke might ac­tu­ally be on me.

And she just loves pass the par­cel. Would you mind if I made one up and brought it in for her to play with all of her friends? GET­TING A PRO­FES­SIONAL TO MAKE A BIRTHDAY CAKE CAN COST PAR­ENTS HUN­DREDS OF DOL­LARS


◗ Not sure who got the worse end of the deal – the kin­der­garten or the par­ent.

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