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1 What was the nick­name of the Dutch dancer and se­cret agent ex­e­cuted in France in 1917? (4,4) 7 What was the name of Herod the Great’s ¿rst wife? (5)

8 Who is con­stantly pur­sued by Sylvester the cat in Warner Broth­ers car­toons? (6,3)

9 In Scan­di­na­vian mythol­ogy, what type of tree is the huge Yg­gdrasil? (3)

10 What wrestlers take part in a basho? (4) 11 Com­poser Chopin was born in which coun­try? (6) 13 What crea­ture in­ter­ests an en­to­mol­o­gist? (6) 14 What is a casse­role of meat and veg­eta­bles cov­ered with a layer of pota­toes? (6)

17 What is an artist’s work­shop? (6)

18 Which Ukraine city is of­ten called “Mother of Rus­sian Cities”? (4)

20 What is Aus­tralia’s largest bird? (3)

22 My Fair Lady is based on which GB Shaw play? (9)

23 What nick­name did boxer Charles Lis­ton adopt? (5)

24 What is a brief sum­mary of some­thing? (8) Down

1 Naph­tha­lene de­ters what in stored cloth­ing? (5) 2 What Greek word for “hot” be­came a well-known trade­mark? (7)

3 Sen­nit is plaited straw for mak­ing what? (4) 4 What word is used for any bird of prey? (6) 5 Orig­i­nally eaten in Ire­land, what type of food is boxty? (5)

6 What dark bi­tu­mi­nous pitch is used in sur­fac­ing roads? (7)

7 What is a poly­gon with 10 sides and 10 an­gles? (7)

12 What rough strong cider is made in south west Eng­land? (7)

13 Gum ben­zoin is burnt as what? (7)

15 Which elec­tron­ics com­pany be­gan by mak­ing light bulbs in the Nether­lands in the 1890s? (7) 16 Hindi gave us what word for a row­ing boat? (6) 17 What is the nat­u­ral grease in sheep’s wool from which lano­lin is ob­tained? (5)

19 Which planet is called the “evening star”? (5) 21 What clamp is at­tached across the strings of a gui­tar etc to raise the pitch? (4)

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