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Na­ture fo­cus to mas­sive clean-up job

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IN­SPIRED by her hero­ine Bindi Ir­win, Tayla Da­ley took it upon her­self to scour her neigh­bour­hood for rubbish.

As part of the dig­i­tal gen­er­a­tion, Tayla is con­nected to the on­line com­mu­nity Gen­er­a­tion Na­ture, a group which takes on monthly chal­lenges to clean up the en­vi­ron­ment and help pro­tect habi­tat.

With the week’s river clean-up chal­lenge loom­ing and the weather get­ting a lit­tle chilly, Tayla thought she would cut the rubbish off at its source and tidy up her street, the pool and be­hind the bak­ery.

Over the course of a few hours, with a lit­tle help from her fam­ily and friends, Tayla col­lected an en­tire ute-load of rubbish which could have found its way into the nearby creeks and trib­u­taries.

“This week we had to do some­thing with wa­ter, but I didn’t want to get sick,” she said.

“So I cleaned up the town, be­cause it gets into wa­ter­ways other­wise.

“It was meant to be an hour, but it took me about two hours.”

This clean-up chal­lenge was Tayla’s fifth ef­fort through the on­line group, one that she was qui­etly proud to be as­so­ci­ated with.

“I re­ally like Bindi Ir­win. She in­spired me to do it,” she said.

Gen­er­a­tion Na­ture is an off­shoot of the Seaworld Kids web­site, but has its own YouTube chan­nel with hun­dreds of bite-sized an­i­mal doc­u­men­taries recorded by Bindi Ir­win and a sub­scriber com­mu­nity of about 180.

Par­ents are en­cour­aged to sup­port their chil­dren in any en­vi­ron­men­tal en­deav­ours through the web­site www.sea­world­kids.com.


QUEEN OF CLEAN: Tayla Da­ley took her hero­ine Bindi Ir­win's mes­sage to clean and con­serve to heart when she ti­died her Tara neigh­bour­hood.

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