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1 Num­ber of play­ers on the field for an Aus­tralian Rules foot­ball team (8) 7 What word can fol­low full, chap­ter and free? (5) 8 Which coun­try was the centre of the for­mer Mayan civil­i­sa­tion? (9) 9 What is the me­tal mouth­piece at­tached to a horse’s bri­dle? (3) 10 What do weather fore­cast­ers usu­ally mean by “pre­cip­i­ta­tion”? (4) 11 Where did the chi­huahua dog orig­i­nate? (6) 13 What is the cap­i­tal of Saudi Ara­bia? (6) 14 What me­chan­i­cal force tends to cause ro­ta­tion? (6) 17/18 Which Bri­tish mo­tor-rac­ing celebrity of the 1960s was fa­ther of a 1990s For­mula One champ? (6,4) 20 What with a medal in­di­cates an ad­di­tional distinction? (3) 22 What is “small and white” in a song from The Sound of Mu­sic? (9) 23 What fa­cial fea­ture is ab­sent in all an­i­mals with horns? (5) 24 For player com­fort, what is clamped on to a vi­o­lin? (4,4)


1 Who com­posed the “Enigma” Vari­a­tions? (5) 2 What caused Sky­lab to re­turn to earth in 1979? (7) 3 What is a play­ing card or dice with three spots? (4) 4 What glassy sub­stance cov­ers a tooth? (6) 5 A Lon­don Zoo ele­phant gave the lan­guage what word for “very large”? (5) 6 Which planet or­bits be­tween Uranus and Pluto? (7) 7 What beans are used for tinned baked beans? (7) 12 Whose first novel was Cover Her Face, in 1962? (1,1,5) 13 What live in a warren? (7) 15 What, from the bark of a tree, was for­merly the only rem­edy for malaria? (7) 16 In BBC’s The Of­fice, who be­came of­fice man­ager after David’s de­par­ture? (6) 17 What quan­tity equals twelve dozen? (5) 19 In 1886, which com­poser died in Bayreuth, Ger­many, dur­ing the Wag­ner Fes­ti­val there? (5) 21 Which well-known beer brew­ery opened in Perth, Aus­tralia in 1857? (4)

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