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7 Which king of the Huns dev­as­tated much of the Ro­man Em­pire be­fore he was de­feated? (6) 8 Which grey­ish Eurasian wild horse was hunted to ex­tinc­tion by 1919? (6)

10 What is hol­landaise sauce thinned with? (7) 11 What was Walt Dis­ney’s mid­dle name? (5) 12 What se­cre­tive drab grey and brown bird lives near marshes? (4)

13 What rice-pa­per screen in a slid­ing wooden frame is used in Ja­panese houses? (5)

17 What is the loin­cloth worn by male Hin­dus? (5) 18 What is a baby deer? (4)

22 What flower fea­tures in the ti­tle of an Alexan­dre Dumas novel? (5)

23 Which is the only mem­ber of the cat fam­ily that can­not com­pletely re­tract its claws? (7)

24 What fig­ure in­di­cates the an­ti­knock rat­ing of petrol? (6)

25 Where did the League of Na­tions es­tab­lish its head­quar­ters? (6)


1 Which uni­ver­sity is the US’s old­est? (7) 2 What sheet with cut-out de­signs or let­ters is used to re­pro­duce these? (7)

3 What type of shoes usu­ally have wooden soles? (5)

4 Draw­ings and carv­ings of what small dog have been found in an­cient tombs in Egypt? (7) 5 Which coun­try oc­cu­pies most of the Ibe­rian Penin­sula? (5)

6 What is an acute but non- spe­cific sense of anx­i­ety? (5)

9 What word orig­i­nates from Greek for “mas­ter builder”? (9)

14/15 Which film in­tro­duced the bum­bling In­spec­tor Clouseau? (3,4,7)

16 Which se­ri­ous dis­ease is also called “wool sorters’ dis­ease”? (7)

19 What leather de­vice sharp­ened old ra­zors? (5) 20 What was mea­sured in ells? (5)

21 Who was brother of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cot­ton­tail? (5)

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