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1 As a re­tire­ment Mecca, which US state tre­bled in pop­u­la­tion be­tween 1960 and 1990? (7)

4 What trans­par­ent ob­ject re­fracts light into rain­bow colours? (5)

7/8 Who has played on record­ings by Bobby Darin, Ricky Nel­son, Merle Hag­gard, The Mon­kees, Elvis Pres­ley, Frank Si­na­tra, Dean Martin and The Ma­mas & the Pa­pas? (4,8)

10 Tran­sience is the only one-word ana­gram of what word? (10)

12 What type of song was orig­i­nally sung by sailors as an ac­com­pa­ni­ment to work? (6)

13 Harold Den­nis “Dickie” Bird gained fame as a what? (6)

15 Which flow­er­ing South African peren­nial plant of the lily fam­ily is pop­u­lar for banks and bor­ders? (10) 18 Venice is on a la­goon of which sea? (8) 19 What woollen cloth is made by rolling and press­ing to mat the fi­bres to­gether? (4)

20 What are ground in the habit of brux­ism? (5) 21 Tech­ni­cally, what is the breast­bone? (7)


1 Ac­tor Ron Moody is most as­so­ci­ated with which char­ac­ter? (5)

2 What gar­ment is a surtout? (8)

3 The word cof­fee orig­i­nated from what lan­guage? (6)

4 What flavour is a hum­bug sweet? (10)

5 What bearded moun­tain goat of Eurasia and north­ern Africa has large back­ward- curv­ing horns? (4)

6 Un­der what pseu­do­nym did Jean-Bap­tiste Po­quelin write plays? (7)

9 What in­stru­ment with piv­oted levers is used for copy­ing draw­ings to any de­sired scale? (10) 11 In inches, how wide is a bas­ket­ball ring? (8) 12 English math­e­ma­ti­cian John Hadley and Amer­i­can in­ven­tor Thomas God­frey in­de­pen­dently in­vented what thing used at sea? (7)

14 What in­sects ex­crete hon­ey­dew? (6)

16 What Yid­dish word means silent or non­com­mu­nica­tive? (5)

17 What soft, mild creamy cheese comes from north­ern France? (4)

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