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Capri 2.8i and Mk5 Es­cort Es­tate sorted.

The poor Mk5 didn’t get a warm re­cep­tion from the mo­tor­ing press when it was first an­nounced, and de­spite Ford mak­ing sev­eral re­vi­sions, it never re­ally shook the neg­a­tiv­ity off. The up­shot of this is, there now aren’t that many left, and those that are (bar the RS2000 and XR3i vari­ants), are cheap as chips. Per­fect fod­der for the Project Hunters pages, then! This base-model Es­tate is surely über-rare, not that that’s go­ing to stop us go­ing to town on it, in a bud­get-friendly way, of course. First off, we’ve treated the bot­tom half to a re­spray on black tex­tured fin­ish to repli­cate the bumpers. Then, a bit of ex­per­i­men­ta­tion has re­sulted in the B-pil­lar be­ing sprayed matt black. Well, we think it works. The old adage of, low­er­ing can make any car look good, def­i­nitely ap­plies here as a set of shorter springs brings this lon­groof closer to the Tar­mac and the arches al­most touch­ing those 8x13 inch Al­l­ey­cats — the rims and cen­tre high­lights of which we’ve painted in a flouro colour, which has also been ap­plied to the grille badge and side trim strip. Un­der the bon­nets, there now re­sides an I4 16-valver lib­er­ated from a rot­ten Mk6 RS2000 (with the cam cover painted flouro, nat­u­rally) while on the in­side you’ll find a Ghia in­te­rior, com­plete with a row of No­mad Rac­ing gauges (the di­als of which have also been painted in what’s left of the tin of flouro) mounted in one of those A-pil­lar pods that were all the rage back in the ’90s. There’s lovely.

If the Es­cort Es­tate is some­thing of a ’90s B-Boy throw­back, then what we’ve done to this Capri — on the sur­face at least — isn’t that far re­moved from how unloved ex­am­ples used to look back then, too. Only there’s more to this ratty sleeper than meets the eye. Once we’ve made the shell struc­turally solid, and sourced a pair of used Mk3 wings (hand­ily off an Injector, too) to re­place the miss­ing ones, we’re leav­ing the out­side ex­actly as we found it, bar tidy­ing up a few ar­eas to keep the MoT tester happy. Pop the bon­net though, and if you can see past the en­gine (more on this in a bit) you’ll clock the dou­ble-wish­bone front sus­pen­sion and proper brakes just about fit­ting in­side those 15 inch RS seven-spokes. The im­proved sus­pen­sion con­tin­ues out-back with a Mus­tang 8 inch axle lo­cated by a proper five-link set-up. So the en­gine? One of the cur­rent crop of mod­u­lar Ford V8s with a few tun­ing tricks backed up by a Tre­mec six-speed. Peer through the tinted glass and you’ll just about make out a stealth roll cage mounted as close to the roofline and pil­lars as pos­si­ble, proper bucket seats and acres of gun­metal grey. Your mother wouldn’t like it but your Dad prob­a­bly would.

Il­lus­tra­tions: Si­mon Coul­son


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