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Ford-based tech­ni­cal is­sues get­ting you down? Then we can help.

Q I own a Capri 2.8i and am ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a prob­lem when the car is be­ing re­versed in full left-hand lock. As the car is be­ing re­versed, the near­side wheel seems to jud­der, jump and knock as if the wheel is be­ing dragged along. When I ad­just the steer­ing wheel so that it’s just off full-lock, the prob­lem dis­ap­pears. There’s no play in the wheel and the tyres are fully in­flated. I’ve only ex­pe­ri­enced this prob­lem when re­vers­ing out of my garage, which is on a very slight slope.

I recog­nise that it’s hard for you to di­ag­nose the prob­lem with­out ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the is­sue your­self, but would ap­pre­ci­ate any ad­vice. Bic Haynes Lon­don

A We think the pos­si­ble prob­lem is that when the track­ing has been checked that any ad­just­ments have been made with­out mak­ing sure that the rack was cen­tred and kept that way. Also, some places are quite happy to make ad­just­ments to the track­ing by just ad­just­ing one side, which throws it fur­ther out.

The quick­est and eas­i­est way to check is to count the num­ber of threads vis­i­ble on each track rod end — they should be pretty sim­i­lar. If not, you’ll have to even them up and then get the track­ing rechecked. Hope this helps.

If your Capri jud­ders on full lock, get the track­ing checked.

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