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Mk1s came with a ver­sion of the Cross­flow — the XR2 run­ning the big­gest at 1600cc, and des­ig­nated 771M. It’s a unique block with no side mounts, while it’s over­all length is shorter to fit in the con­fines of the Fi­esta’s en­gine bay. There­fore, it has its own crank, water pump and clutch sys­tem to com­pact it. Apart from these dif­fer­ences, tun­ing is pretty much the straight­for­ward Cross­flow route — the big­gest ca­pac­ity will in­stantly give you more power, pro­vid­ing a great base too.The stan­dard carb will re­lease, circa 110 bhp cou­pled with up to a Kent 234 camshaft. Af­ter that 40 DCOEs re­lease a fur­ther 15 bhp and pro­vides the way for fu­ture per­for­mance. The rest is stan­dard Cross­flow stuff: bore it out to 1700cc, fit a ported, big-valve head, a pur­pose-made four-branch man­i­fold, suit­able elec­tronic ig­ni­tion and de­cent ex­haust and you should have power to around 145 bhp with­out steel com­po­nents and ac­cord­ing to state of tune. That is enough for a lively car since the Fi­esta is light — there’s many an ex­am­ple run­ning mid-12-13-sec­ond quar­ter miles with Cross­flow power, which cer­tainly isn’t shabby!

Tun­ing the Cross­flow? Start with the 1600 ver­sion if you can.

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