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To an ex­tent, the size of these will be dic­tated by which brakes you are run­ning, but the pop­u­lar route of up­rated XR2 brakes means you can still use 13 inch wheels. Plenty of af­ter­mar­ket brake kits have been de­signed to work with 13s too so it’s a good place to start. How­ever, you re­ally need front-wheel-drive off­set wheels, which are ET35 us­ing the reg­u­lar Ford 4x108 stud pat­tern and 63.4 cen­tre bore — it’s tempt­ing to use rear-drive off­set wheels, which can look great but they do up­set the han­dling, mak­ing the car tram­line badly.

The best so­lu­tion is good qual­ity tyres in the 185/60R13 range — cheap rub­ber will ac­cen­tu­ate over-brak­ing due to less grip, so do your­self a favour and make it han­dle as it should — the tyres af­ter all are the most im­por­tant bit as they’re the only true con­tact with the road!

Go­ing up to 15 inch wheels will give a wider range of brake kits and more of a chance of trac­tion con­trol off the line — but you’ll need to se­ri­ously watch the tyre pro­file, keep­ing them as close to the orig­i­nal or smaller rolling ra­dius as pos­si­ble. Even then, you’ll need to roll the arches for more clear­ance.

15 inch rims will fit fine, just watch the tyre pro­file.

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